New Releases from Microcinema DVD Available March 31, 2009

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New Releases from Microcinema DVD

Order Date: February 24, 2009

Street Date: March 31, 2009


William Eggleston: Photographer

Experiments in Terror 3

Phill Niblock: The Movement of People Moving

Mona Lisa Revealed: Secrets of the Painting

Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase


William Eggleston: Photographer

$19.99 SRP/Edu

European List Prices:

19.99 Euros / 13.99 GBP

Catalog #: MC-910

UPC: 880198091093


2008 – 26 mins


William Eggleston was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up in a wealthy
family in Mississippi. He is considered a pioneer of modern color
photography. He achieved early fame with a one-man show at the New York
Museum of Modern Art. The show's title was unpretentious and to the point:
“Color Photographs by William Eggleston.” The photographs, which were taken
in Memphis and Mississippi, showed everyday motifs as well as friends and
family of the photographer. Prints were made using Eggleston's
characteristic dye transfer process.


Although panned by critics and widely misunderstood, the exhibition marked
the beginning of modern color photography. Eggleston influenced generations
of young photographers, artists and filmmakers including Jürgen Teller,
Andreas Gursky, Sofia Coppola, Gus van Sant and David Lynch.


The film documents how Eggleston came to develop his technique of art
photography. It shows the first black-and-white photographs made at the
beginning of Eggleston’s career. Here the influence of Henri Cartier
Bresson’s “decisive moment” is still evident. Yet Eggleston went his own
artistic way early on. Elements of his later work in color can already be
discerned in the composition of the black-and-white photographs.


Reiner Holzemer visited Eggleston in Memphis in the fall of 2007. For the
first time, he was able to get the photographer to talk about his artistic
background and concept of photography. Up to then, Eggleston had largely
refused to answer such questions. Of his photographs he says, “I am at war
with the obvious.”


Experiments in Terror 3

$24.95 SRP/Edu

European List Prices:

24.95 Euros / 16.99 GBP

Catalog #: MC-893

UPC: 880198089397


2008 – 109 mins


Striking for the third time, EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR 3 unleashes another
hallucinogenic orgy of the uncanny, the dreadful, and the macabre.

Employing a mesmerizing montage of terrifying tropes and fiendish footage,
our kino-coven conjures more than a bewitching hour of visionary cinema.
Pounding a stake through the heart of genre convention, this shocking
program expands the cinematic language of fear, breaking the chains of
narrative logic and leaving only the black void of the infinite unconscious.


Phill Niblock: The Movement of People Working

$24.95 SRP/Edu

European List Prices:

24.95 Euros / 16.99 GBP

Catalog #: MC-766

UPC: 880198076694


2003 – 208 mins


This DVD collects a number of Niblock’s documentary films analyzing the
dynamics of motion involved in manual labour. The images on the disc are all
accompanied by Niblock’s own minimalist approach to soundtracking. Niblock
started making these films back in 1973, upon visiting Mexico and Peru. It
was here that he set out on his observation of the impersonal machinations
of work. These films concentrate specifically on the work of human hands,
both in terms of crafts, like weaving, and on the more industrial scale of
farming, as is focused on by the films shot in Hungary, made in 1985 (the
most recent work here). In this Hungarian sequence a man reaps in a field
using an old-fashioned scythe: the worker’s rhythmic torsional movements are
beautifully mirrored by Niblock’s droning woodwind, as the composer
continually renews his breath and restarts on the same pitch, replicating
the visual cycle of unbroken repetition. Later on, we see a close-up of a
woman milking a cow. Again, a rhythmic structure is established in both
visual and auditory terms. It’s pretty bewitching stuff considering how
simple the component elements are. In addition to the conceptual success of
the piece - which finds Niblock evoking a powerful sense of existential
non-movement - he amply shows off his chops both as a filmmaker and a
composer. The films here were produced on beautiful Kodachrome print stock,
while the music is utterly timeless, the kind of infinite-chord drone work
that only the very best artists in the genre can come up with. Magnificent.


Mona Lisa Revealed: Secrets of the Painting

$19.99 SRP/Edu

European List Prices:

19.99 Euros / 13.99 GBP

Catalog#: MC-854

UPC: 880198085498


2008 – 56 mins


On October 19, 2007 the news circled the globe that photographer/inventor
Pascal Cotte succeeded in photographing Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” at a
resolution of 240 million pixels, 8 times higher than any professional
camera to date. His breakthrough images brought to light never before seen
elements that have forever altered our knowledge of the world's most famous
painting. With exclusive access to Cotte’s photographs and technique, as
well as analysis from the world’s leading experts, we see for the first time
that Leonardo may actually have painted his model with eyebrows and lashes -
just one of 25 incredible secrets this fascinating documentary reveals. In
English with optional French and Spanish subtitles.


Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase

An Academy Award® Winning Short Film by Joan Gratz

$19.95 SRP/Edu

European List Prices:

19.95 Euros / 13.99 GBP

Catalog: MC-947

UPC: 759731409322


2004 – 25 mins


Using the innovative technique of clay painting, artist, filmmaker and
winner Joan Gratz takes the viewer on an amazing colorful journey through
the development of modern art from Van Gogh to Warhol. Included among these
four short films is the 7 minute Academy Award® winning short that uses
claymation to seamlessly follow the major roads of the roots of modern art.
It’s a gorgeous piece, and definitely worth your time. Joan was a long time
artist with Will Vinton Studios and has created many films and commercials
with her clay painting technique.


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