Urgent! FMC Update

From: Shelly Silver (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 04 2009 - 13:51:18 PST

Dear Friends and Members of the Film-Makers' Cooperative:

Since December 2000 our office has been located in a New York City
government space, the "Clocktower Gallery". It has been a safe and
convenient location. The FMC had a lease with MoMA/PS.1 on a month
to month basis. MoMA is terminating its lease and the FMC's sublease
will terminate with it. Alanna Heiss (former P.S. 1 Director ) is
negotiating a new lease with the city through the Dept. of Cultural
Affairs. Although the floor plans she had submitted to the city for
her new organization, Art Radio International, (that originally
included the FMC) Heiss has decided there is no room for the FMC
anymore. Upon further negotiation with Art Radio International we
have been refused a sublease. We have received an eviction notice
and are trying to appeal to the Department of Cultural Affairs
Commissioner Kate D. Levin to support our efforts to remain either in
our current building or to move to another, affordable city space.
You can write to Kate D. Levin directly at

The more letters that are received on our behalf, the better!

Of course, we are working with legal consul. The FMC Board of
Directors, and M.M. Serra will continue to keep you informed. Any
questions you have, please call the FMC office at 212-267-5665.

This message was sent by: Film Coop, 108 Leonard Street, 13 floor,
New York, New York 10013

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