Eiki tip

From: David Tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 03 2009 - 08:19:04 PST

> Could you be more specific about re-building the shaft? For
> instance, how many
> layers of heat shrink tubing are necessary? What exactly is the
> process?

Take the lens out. There may be a screw holding it in at the back of
the barrel. Get the focus knob out of the lens housing (I can't
rememeber if the release is a screw or a button on the bottom of the
housing...). Remove all residue from the end of the knob, and
thoroughly clean the hole in the housing where the knob goes (you may
have to take the housing off the projector...).

Heat shrink tubing doesn't shrink that much. I fixed our Eiki by
using three or four layers, and that meant three or four diameters. I
used an inexpensive kit of wider gauge tubing from Harbor Freight tools.
You can get this online, or they have a retail stores, including one
in east Columbus. So first I cut a small section of the narrowest
white tubing to fit the business end of the shaft. I used kitchen
matches as a heat source to shrink the tubing, moving the match up
toward the tube so it would start shrinking but not so close it would
burn. Then, the next wider size in the kit is red and finally black.
I think if you can get more than one layer with any of the sizes you
should, but when the tubing doesn't stretch out, so once what you're
trying to put it over gets to a certain diameter you can't get it on,
and you have to go up to the next size. It's been awhile, so i don't
remember exactly how many layers I wound up with or what the exact
composition of white red and black was.

Trim the far end of the layered tubing with an X-Acto knife if
necessary, so the knob goes back into the housing readily and turns
properly. (It's hard to cut the little pieces of tubing to exactly
the right length before you put them on the shaft.)

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