Coni (Constance) Beeson - searching for 'Stamen' 16mm (1972)

From: Steve Cooke (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jan 23 2009 - 09:41:30 PST

We're researching flower imagery in relation to homosexuality in art
and are trying to track down a film called Stamen by Coni (or
Constance) Beeson, made (I think) in 1972. I think it existed as a
16mm print and was fairly widely shown at one time - it used flower
imagery to depict male erotic themes.

Coni made several films at that time but has since passed away. I've
managed to discover that her estate (who may have been a little
embarrassed by the content of the work) deposited whatever they had at
Canyon Cinema in San Francisco. However, Stamen was not among the
works handed over.

Does anyone have an inkling of where we could start searching for a
print or video of this work?

Very many thanks everyone in advance for your help!

Steve Cooke

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