Without a Trace. Erasing Inscription, Inscripting Erasure // Gent (BE) 29 January

From: Stoffel Debuysere (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 19 2009 - 15:37:42 PST

For those of you who happen to be in Belgium next week


Erasing Inscription, Inscripting Erasure

Thursday 29 January 2009, Art Centre Vooruit, Gent (BE).
Program produced by Courtisane, in collaboration with Atelier Graphoui.

To erase, remove, rub out or conceal signs and images has never been
as easy as it is in today’s era of digital hybridization. The immense
possibilities in image processing, compositing and trimming have led
to the development of a “Photoshop Reality”, a corrected reality
which has penetrated unnoticed the heart of our visual culture.
However, the act of erasing is never without trace: there always
remains a residue, a print upon the surface, a ghost where once was
an image. Whether we are speaking of bare scratching or of calculated
digital layering, each erasure leaves a trace behind, each absence
suggests a (missed) presence. This ambiguity is even stronger in the
context of the moving image, which only exists itself thanks to a
sort of progressive “erasure”, each image canceling the previous one.
Elimination and inscription come together. The act of erasing, “of”
and “in” the image, unavoidably leaves the trace of an event
underway. It makes the new visible to itself as it redefines what is
visible in the old. The film, video and media works in this programme
use the idea and the gesture of removing as the basis for an
exploration of the tension between presence and absence, appearing
and disappearing.

Cory Arcangel (tbc), Martin Arnold, Tammuz Binshtock, Marcel
Broodthaers, Natalie Frigo, Stephen Gray, Pierre Hébert, Martijn
Hendriks, Jodi, Spike Jonze, Matt McCormick, Denis Savary, Naomi Uman

MORE INFO www.diagonalthoughts.com / www.courtisane.be

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