Re: Warsaw Ghetto

From: malgosia askanas (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 18 2009 - 19:33:13 PST

So? Is his being a "British MP" or "Jewish" supposed to make his
opinion authoratitive? All I can say is: in me and him you have two
Jews (though not two MPs) who disagree with one another. It happens
all the time, you know.

BTW, without imputing anything to your minimalist textual jabs,
perhaps it is worth stating that just because a person's opinion is
also held by a Jew, doesn't exempt it from judeophobia. Firstly
because, as good old Foucault never tired of pointing out, it matters
*who* is speaking - there are no disembodied "opinions". And
secondly, because Jews can be at least as judeophobic as anybody else.


>Gerald Kaufman, British MP. Jewish.

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