From: Rajesh Barnabas (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jan 17 2009 - 15:48:29 PST

Hey film folks,

Please watch the following video.

We/re trying to do this last ditch effort. I wrote and won a
scholarship for my students to stay for 5 nights, room and board at
the Flat Classroom Conference 2009 next weekend. We were chosen as one
of only 5 schools in the US and only 14 schools in the entire world
got the scholarship. Now the Rochester School District couldn't come
up with the funds. So we are trying to make it happen anyways.

Check the video first:

Then go to our class wiki at:

Spread the word to 9, if you can. Even if they don't know me, or trust
that this is real, they are only out $9 bucks really. Not so bad. If
we don't go, we will do our best to refund the money to each
individual. PayPal creates a nice spreadsheet for that. All donations
would go strictly to the students airfare and visa costs, not mine nor
anything else. Please make that change $.

I appreciate the support from the film community. These students I
have are from Rochester's poorest neighborhoods and have never flown
nor been outside the country. We got them passports but that is all we
could afford.

-Rajesh Barnabas
Video Productions Teacher
Global Media Arts in Rochester NY

p.s. : feel free to call me with any questions 585-749-0264 so you
know this isn't fake or phony.

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