2009 Avant-Garde Masters Grants (NFPF)

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Date: Fri Jan 16 2009 - 11:37:31 PST

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This is a reminder that the registration deadline for the 2009 Avant-Garde
Masters Grants is Friday, January 23rd. Full proposals are due February
20th. Guidelines for this program, which is made possible with generous
funding from The Film Foundation, can be found at

Below are details regarding the NFPF's 2009 federally funded grants. The
registration deadline for those programs is February 6th.

Jeff Lambert
Assistant Director
National Film Preservation Foundation

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The National Film Preservation Foundation announces the availability of
its 2009 federally funded grants, made possible by The Library of Congress
Sound Recording and Film Preservation Programs Reauthorization Act of

The NFPF offers two types of federal cash grants supporting the
preservation of historically and culturally significant American "orphan"
films. The registration deadline for these grants is Friday, February 6,
2009. Completed applications are due Friday, March 20. For detailed
guidelines, please visit the NFPF web site at www.filmpreservation.org.

Basic Preservation Grants: these are the familiar cash grants that the
NFPF has offered since 2000. Basic preservation grants fund laboratory
work to create preservation masters and public service copies of American
films unlikely to survive without public support. Eligible to apply are
nonprofit and public institutions in the United States providing public
access to their film collections. Awards generally range from $3,000 to

Matching Grants: these grants are intended to help experienced
institutions undertake and complete larger-scale preservation,
reconstruction, or restoration projects involving a single film or film
collection of special cultural, historical, or artistic significance.
Matching Grant applicants may request cash stipends of between $18,000 and
$50,000 to fund laboratory work and must "match" the NFPF grant with
outside cash support equal to one-fifth of the award. Eligible to apply
are institutions that have successfully completed at least one NFPF-funded
project and have the capacity to plan, manage, and finish a large-scale

Ihsan Amanatullah
Projects Assistant
National Film Preservation Foundation

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