Re: Online preview vs. DVD-r

From: Raymond Salvatore Harmon (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 15 2009 - 14:33:16 PST

I can see the argument about loading times but I think that with any solid bandwidth this shouldnt be a problem. I watch a lot of video from vimeo using a $15 adapter out the side of my mac laptop into a video projector in full screen mode. Looks incredible.

Almost every laptop has a way in which the desktop (whatever is being displayed on it regardless of its source) can be sent in full to a monitor or video projector. Business people do it all day long all over the world.

I just think there has to be a way in which we can stop mailing around bits of plastic and paper to every festival, save artists money and festivals space, not to mention be a little more environmental.

But the question is why festivals are so resistive to this kind of thing? I was reminded offlist about how long it took Ann Arbor to start accepting video submissions. The media is certainly changing very quickly but the festival system seems to lag a bit behind.


Raymond Salvatore Harmon

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