Re: Daniel Barnett's WHITE HEART screening in Chicago 1/21/09

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I didn't mean to send that last message to the list.

I apologize and please disregard.


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Subject: Daniel Barnett's WHITE HEART screening in Chicago 1/21/09
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 Wittgensteinian monologues which illustrate, as Konrad Steiner writes in Cinematograph (1985), ‘the huge difference in the quality of knowledge we have about the experience of others, and that which we have about our own.’ It goes on to investigate meaning, in a manner which Steiner likens to the painter Cezanne: ‘[The film has a] chaotic livelihood, [a] sense of gathering meanings right before my eyes. In this way the film is ABOUT the genesis of meaning.... [Cezanne's] still lifes and landscapes depict a threshold of vision or perhaps an ur-vision, before the objects of that vision have been fully assimilated into the familiar, expected appearances through the action of the eye-mind. Likewise, Barnett's film depicts a threshold of meaning. We are presented with a weave of sound and image not committed to a precisely rigid message....’” (Pacific Film Archive)

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