Stop the presses!

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 11 2009 - 06:21:53 PST

It is unhelpful to discuss the Israeli - Palestinian situations in 50-word-or-less e-mails.
The situations are so fraught, so terrible, so seemingly insolvable and complex, you do a disservice to everybody.

Ideas expressed in only a phrase or a sentence or two, lack even a hint of
social or political or historical context that can help guide our thinking by
giving us insight and clarity, and, in some tiny measure, moving us forward.

Many of these quickies focus on accusation, blame, one-upping or putting-down,
as if their importance ends with the private satisfaction of yelling back at the TV screen.
Letting off e-mail steam feels better than it reads. And irony and petty vitriol trivialize us all.

These hasty e-mails stir us with eddy currents of emotion, but so do video games.
And some of the comments which challenge a previous writer read like bad
prosecutor dialogue from a crappy courtroom drama.

SO; If you have something to say, take the time to explain yourself clearly and fully.

Our reading your comments should be as worthwhile as your taking the care to write them clearly.

That's expecting no more of your writing than if watching a movie you made.


(“Israeli - Palestinian” isn’t inclusive enough, I’m sure.)

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