Outlaw religion?

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jan 10 2009 - 22:04:59 PST

Woodn't work.

First of all, have the Buddists ever started a war? I really don't know,but if they haven't they are too good to get rid of.

Wars very often happen because of ancient revenge, lust for territory, tribalism, colonialism, ethnic hate, crazy guys as head of state, resources.
I suggest a 40 year period with 50 XY chromosome babies for every XX chromosone babies, and as those XXs grow up, keep them far away from each other until
they are maybe 60 or 70 years old. (I sure hope I have my chromosomes straight!)

Actually, in real life, the Russians, evidently have bred all agression out of a group of foxes.
It took 30 generations (I think this has been going on since the '50's.)
The present generation of foxes is so friendly, they are like friendly dogs. Unfortunately they have that bad fox smell, so you wouldn't want them as pets.

And then there is a group of chimps, I think it was, in the wild.
The aggressive alpha males made sure they got to eat first.
One day the troup discovered food in some garbage cans.
But the people had thrown away the foodstuffs because it was tainted.
All the alpha males in the tribe consumed all of this food, leaving none for anybody else.
And every alpha male in the tribe soon died.
And since then, the troup has continued to be very much less aggressive.

Religion? Sometimes. Wars are fought and people say, Oh, the _______________ started it. (fill in your own choice of ethnic group, tribe, nation, religion.)
What nobody ever says, is the fact universal in starting wars:, "The war was started by guys." We are the elephant in the room.

Jeffrey Paull

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