Warsaw Ghetto

From: malgosia askanas (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jan 10 2009 - 16:31:25 PST

Francisco Torres wrote:

> A re run of the Warsaw ghetto...

Indeed; and let me spell out how: there's Israel, the ghetto that continued the Warsaw ghetto, surrounded by tens of islamic countries that have now waged some six wars to destroy it, all of which they started and LOST. And this ghetto, unlike the old one, learned that it could NEVER count on people like you to help defend itself - so, being agressed time and again, it decided to arm itself to the teeth. Now that it can and does defend itself - now that it is effective at targeting enemy combattants while its cowardly enemies target civilians and hide behind their own civilians - the old fascists and the new ones, plus all those who are only too happy to applaud and comply with fascists, complain that the Jews no longer _have to accept_ the kind of defeat they got in Warsaw at the hands of the Nazis. Reminds one of the Nazi stupor when the ghetto fighters got their initial victories.

If Gaza became what it did, it is only because its population chose and tolerated the fascist-islamist rule of Hamas, and because to this day it is convenient for those belligerent islamic countries to have detached a segment of the Arab population to serve as the expendable cannon fodder for their continued war of Terror upon the Jewish State. The Nazis and the Mufti (a bosom buddy of Hitler) who invented the fiction of a Palestinian people, vowed to destroy the Warsaw ghetto; and all these enemies of Israel, as well as Hamas, have vowed to destroy Israel, the only open society in the Middle East. So, yes, this time and once more, those Jewish fighters refuse to accept the fascist verdict of judeophobic maniacs.

It should astonish no one that, once again, western societies succumb to fascism or sympathize with it. By now, their acephalic denizens would not know how freedom differs from sharia.


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