Cameras for Gaza

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Date: Fri Jan 09 2009 - 20:55:36 PST

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Subject: Fwd: Please pass it on... Gaza Media Aid Project
Writing to see if NLG can help us to spread the word about this camera drive we are running for the next couple of weeks.
My husband and I just returned from Israel and the West Bank where taught media workshops in the West Bank & Israel through our organization, Barefoot Workshops (www.barefootworksho
In an effort to bring some balance to the one-sided reporting of matters, we feel it is imperative to give Palestinians in Gaza & West Bank a voice at this moment.
So we are raising money to purchase and send 50 Flip Cameras to the organization B 'Tselem, so that they can be delivered to
CIVILIANS in Gaza. B T'selem are "watchdogs" of the Israeli government,
and have been monitoring human rights violations of Palestinians in the
West Bank with a program called Shooting Back, equipping more than 100
civilians with video cameras there. Now is the moment to get cameras
into Gaza.
Because my background is media, I am doing what I can.... which is calling on everyone I know to ---
Donate $25 -50 to our Gaza Media Aid Project - http://gazavideopro ject.chipin. com/gaza- media-aid- project
and/or HELP SPREAD THE WORD, because people are talking and educating their friends and relatives, and increasing support.
Please do what you can. And pass on this email & link to your members & friends.
http://gazavideopro ject.chipin. com/gaza- media-aid- project
videos will be distributed to Israeli and international press. We
encourage U.S. media outlets who want to hear direct reports/video
blogs from Gaza to be in touch so we can share the results of this
project broadly.
Program Director
Barefoot Workshops
(address suppressed) com barefootworkshop

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