films dealing with power

From: Rory Brosius (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jan 09 2009 - 16:20:11 PST

Hi all,

Not too sure if this measures up to your requirements or
if anyone has mentioned it yet, but...

Tom Palazzolo's "Jerry's" (1974) is
an interesting portrait of both a man who exerts complete control over
his environment, but has also allowed a film to be made about him.
This allows him to push Palazzolo around, but also leaves Jerry at the
whim of a filmmaker that has been referred to as the "fastest camera in
the Midwest". (see Canyon Cinema as they have a copy).

Cohen's "Chain" (2004), is a narrative posing as a documentary and like many of Cohen's works addresses the
homogenization of regional character in our "modern world". Cohen also focuses on the more open implementation of national security in the United States. This project is seemless, but was shot over seven years in over eleven states.

Stratman's "In Order Not To Be Here" (2002), I think would also add an
interesting perspective on the power of implied safety via technology
and surveillance. She refers to this work as "a new genre of horror
film" and I would most certainly agree with her.

Obviously, John Waters' "Pink
Flamingos" (1972), may also bring that much needed uneasiness that you
seek with the ever so sensational "Divine" filling every frame with
the brutal destruction of "acceptable" social behavior.

And, in
the realm of "very narrative" I know it seems not worthy of a mention
but I think "The Blair Witch Project" (1999), could very much fit this
profile as the characters become their P.O.V. via a 16mm Arri, a
Handicam, and a DAT recorder. Cheesy, but possibly worth a look.

Not sure if this helps, but I thought I'd chime in all the same.

Rory Brosius

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