Masstransiscope restoration article in NY Times

From: Bill Brand (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 01 2009 - 14:55:21 PST

Hi All,

Today the New York Times published a very nice article about the
restoration of Masstransiscope, my 1980 moving image public artwork
in the NYC subway.

ARTS / ART & DESIGN | January 01, 2009
Attention Passengers! To Your Right, This Trip Is About to Become
After two decades of neglect, Masstransiscope - an unusual piece of
art that is part painting, part movie, part conceptual experiment -
is once again playing to audiences on Manhattan-bound Q and B trains.

The restoration effort began with the 2004 Minneapolis AMIA
conference panel "Fixing the Moment" Preserving Expanded Cinema"
organized by Andrew Lampert and Steve Polta. I was subsequently
prodded and encouraged by archivists Molly Wheeler, Carey Strumm,
The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, and NYU-MIAP students and
colleagues especially Natalia Fidelholtz and Howard Besser. More
recently I was assisted by Alice Moscoso and Miwa Yokoyama. I can
add to this list many FRAMEWORKS members who kept the memory of
Masstransiscope alive even as it existed only in its decayed tunnel

It was wonderful to see the workers at ShelterExpress/MetroClean and
MTA transform from graffiti cleaners into art restorers. Their
genuine interest and careful labor is very appreciated. Also thanks
to MTA Arts for Transit and MTA Station Maintenance.

Thanks to all. Happy New Year!

- Bill

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