2010 International Experimental Media Congress_SURVEY

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Date: Sun Dec 28 2008 - 20:29:58 PST

Hello Frameworkers,
We're writing to let you about a major symposium that we are planning for
the spring of 2010: The International Experimental Media Congress, which
will take place over the closing weekend of the 23rd Images Festival,
April 7-10, 2010 in Toronto.

This gathering aims to serve as a continuation of the conversations that
took place at the Fourth Experimental Film Congress held in Toronto in
1989. That massive and contentious event, which is well known to many on
this list, attempted to bring together the broad international film
community for a dialogue on the state of the avant-garde.

Through ongoing conversations amongst many of our colleagues over the past
year, including a panel discussion in Berlin in November 2007, we've come to recognize
the importance and value in re-engaging and revisiting a large scale gathering of the
broad international community that is immersed in experimental practices across the media arts.
A broad steering committee hopes to build upon the successes and criticisms that
took place in 1989. Film and video practices have evolved considerably
over the past two decades, and through this new Congress, we hope to break
open some of those new territories and begin to address the myriad
questions that are at the heart of our fields now and into the future.

Our first project is to conduct a survey, which will serve as the raw data
to help us construct and shape the events and ideas that will make up the
Congress in 2010. We are widely distributing the survey through our
website at http://www.experimentalcongress.org and we urge you to take a
few minutes to answer these questions and offer your opinions. We will be
spending the next several months collecting answers and engaging with as
many artists, writers, curators and programmers as we can to help guide
the planning of this event. We also recognize that we don't know everyone
that should be asked these questions, and so we hope you can forward this
information to anyone and everyone you think should be a part of this

Thanks and we look forward to meeting you in Toronto in April 2010!

Scott Miller Berry
(on behalf of the local organizing & host committee)

7 to 10 April, 2010
Toronto, Canada

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.