ow to tint 16mm b&w footage?

From: Jeanne LIOTTA (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 23 2008 - 18:20:55 PST

well when i was making my movie LORETTA I had a single strand black and white reversal and then I decided I wanted it tinted yellow. I discovered this by sticking color gels in teh STeenbeck as I was watching the film. Doing some research I discovered several ways to go aobut this--I could have had the lab make an interneg for me with a yellow filter pass - I guess they can do that with a C-roll somehow, or in my case a B-roll since I only had an A--OR I could have optical printed it myself with a yellow filter in place (rephotography). Both scenarios would have been kinda expensive, either due to lab fees and/or how I would probably mess it up and have have to do it over at least once. So in the end I decided to just hand tint the whole thing, like in the old dye-vat cinema days. It was a cameraless film so that seemed holistic. I used food grade color dye, from the supermarket, they have the clearest colros, no dilution. Q-tips worked well to spread the color without bru!
strokes. I have used textile dye which works too, just make sure you really dissolve those granules.. Like Kerry says I dont know about the archival aspect, but its water soluble so I think its fine.


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