Tinting B/W footage

From: Ken Paul Rosenthal (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 23 2008 - 17:22:18 PST


if you email me off-list, i can send you a pdf explaining the use of both Berg and Edwall toners. the latter has a far greater range of colors. note the difference between 'toners' and 'tints', the latter of which only dyes the surface, whereas the former transform retained silver (the black areas) into the color. i can also send you a PDF of helen hill's 'recipies for disaster' which has several articles on toning.

i've found the blue, brown/copper, and yellow Berg toners to be the most effective. if you go to:


...and scroll down, you can see two test frames of 'split toning'; starting in Berg blue then going to Berg brown/copper.


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