Re: PL Mount to C-mount

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 23 2008 - 02:15:34 PST

> However, and I don't know exactly the focal length of
> Lensbaby - google search & it seems ~ 50mm -- I
> don't know that the effect will work on a S8 camera
> given that rather long focal length for the S8 format; you
> are only using the center of the image this lens forms so
> how would you see the out of focus edges in Lensababy's
> selective focus properties ?
> (It can work with small format DV & HD cameras _if_ you
> use P&S type adaptor which focusses a 35mm (motion
> picture) size image on groundglass or what have you.

Thats a good point.

Perhaps instead of using a mount adaptor at all, you could use use one of the cheaper D.O.F. adaptors and find one with a Nikon or M42 mount (assuming these are the only other lens baby options) and then you could attach the lens baby to that?

However I've never seen such an adaptor to work directly in c mount so it would mean you would have to attach it to the front of a zoom lens with step up/down rings.

It also means you would now have a setup with a zoom lens, a DOF adaptor, and a lens baby on the front. Seems like it might be a lot hanging off the front of yr camera (especially with only adaptor rings on the zoom lens) so you would probably need rods to support it all too!

If you just want to achieve selective focus effects then you could use split field diopters and say vaseline on a uv filter or something. If you just want shallow DOF, you could use a DOF adaptor but of course if you want a moving focus shift across the image while filmming then the lens baby setup might be the easiest thing.

I've not seen the Julian Schnabel film or played with the lens baby in real life so I'm not sure what can actually be achieved with the thing in a motion picture context and perhaps you would find new things once you are experimenting with a working system, I really like the idea of a lens baby and Super8 combination so I don't want to put you off tho.




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