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From: Gene Youngblood (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 22 2008 - 09:12:30 PST

I'm still searching for a film made in the sixties that contains a scene about the Los Angeles Free Press. I thought it was Demy's Model Shop but it's not. A friend thinks the director was a French woman, and that the word "L.A." might be in the title. In the film, two French guys arrive LA. They go to a house in Malibu. One of them says, "Are you sure it was wise to come to LA now? Look at this!" He tosses the Free Press on the coffee table and there's a shot of the front page, including the logo Free Press, with the headline "APOCALYPSE" and a Ron Cobb cartoon of a leveled Los Angeles. One of the characters says, "It looks like California's going to sink into the sea."

If you recognize this, please let me know.

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