when sally met frank wins best experimental film

From: victoria waghorn (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 16 2008 - 05:39:51 PST


just wanted to share that my little no budget PUNK MONK PROPAGANDA short film WHEN SALLY MET FRANK made for SYDNEY KINO KABARET just won best experimental film at the 9th HD FEST awards for 2008 in LA this month. films in competition were screened in both LA and also NYC where i flew to from sydney, australia in october 2008 to be part of the zeitgeist at the sony technology wonder lab midtown manhattan.

it's not film but we work with what tools we have in order to create a little magic. my friends and i who operate under the PUNK MONK banner are having a lot of fun playing within the boundaries of what mobile phone cameras can offer. is anyone else here experimenting with this format or am i being offensively low brow? love to compare stories...



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