Projector Belts

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Dec 12 2008 - 06:43:17 PST

Hey folks,

I have to agree with Alain... I hate auto loaders (always have)... and not only because they make hell for loopwork... and I would gladly send it to a landfill or to Tom (poor Tom, being equated with a landfill)... however... this autoloader is one of the only projectors that I inherited when I began working at this small media arts centre.... and our access to gear is very limited, so I gotta work with what I got... and I have a very limited budget... while second hand projectors may be cheap... long distance shipping of heavy projectors is not.

Steve... you commented that:

">It's likely that many cities have similar belt/gasket supply houses."

You should bear in mind that not everyone on this list lives in or near a city.

Not only do I not live in San Fransisco... but I'm not in a city.... I am a four hour drive from the nearest city of 200,000.... and a 12 hour drive from montreal (the nearest 'large' city)....(and without a car) so... beyond the fuel injection tubing that I tried from the car repair shop in town... I've pretty much exhausted my local options here....

despite the limitations of this town though, I have to say, it's pretty amazing how much goes on in a tiny town of 5000 people (one traffic light, two pubs, a cafe, and a car repair shop)....

i'm working at a media arts centre here... i teach technical workshops in film, sound, video, and electrical every tuesday night ($5 for a four hour workshop).... we have two bolexes, 3 super 8 cameras, a nagra, two video cameras, a computer with final cut pro and various sound programs, a few microphones, and we're getting a steenbeck... our space is essentially just a large closet within an art gallery... and yet it's incredible how much artistic activity is going on despite the limitations.... the gallery has an apartment upstairs and is continually bringing in artists in residence (and paying them well to create work and teach workshops here... check it out!)

check out the website if you're curious....
(the media arts centre part is called "faucet" and we're inside the gallery... but also a part of it... it's a symbiotic thing)

okay, well, i've rambled on enough...

but thanks so much for the links and info alain, i will definitely check it out and get our projectors up and running!  I ran a live film projector improvisation lab in October, and I'm hoping to run another one in February and April....

happy december every one,


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