G.B. Jones presents The Lollipop Generation at Light Industry (December 16)

From: Thomas Beard (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 15:42:18 PST

Light Industry

The Lollipop Generation
G.B. Jones, Super-8/video, 2008, 80 mins

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 8pm
55 33rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, New York

"This legendary, unfinished film, fifteen years in the making, about the
lives of under-aged porn stars is roughly to Queer Cinema what Orson Welles'
The Other Side of the Wind is to, well, Cinema." ­ Dennis Cooper

Torontošs G.B. Jones--creatrix of queer punk cult touchstones The
Troublemakers and The Yo-Yo Gang--arrives at Light Industry to present the
New York premiere of her long-awaited feature The Lollipop Generation. A
work-in-progress for over a decade, the recently completed film tells the
tale of four runaway street teens who encounter a world of perverts,
prostitutes and smut peddlers.
Shot across North America with a lo-fi visual cocktail of hairy Super-8 and
fuzzed-out analog video, Jonesšs be-grunged epic features a cast of
underground worthies, including Yo-Yo Gang star Jena von Brucker, filmmaker
and writer Mark Ewert, musician Jane Danger of Three Dollar Bill, indie rock
hero Calvin Johnston, Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras, Jen Smith of The
Quails, Salivation Army zinester and artist Scott Treleaven,
artist-writer-filmmaker Anonymous Boy, and legendary force of nature Vaginal
Creme Davis.

Followed by a conversation between Jones and K8 Hardy.

Tickets - $6, available at door.

View the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeMQlzX0CbM

Support for this event was provided, in part, by the Experimental Television
Center's Presentation Funds Program, which is supported by the New York
State Council on the Arts, a public agency.

About G.B. Jones

G.B. Jones has had solo visual art exhibitions at Feature, New York and Paul
Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, among others. Her work has been reviewed
extensively in The New York Times, the Village Voice, Artforum, and Flash
Art, among others, and has been featured in numerous publications and
recordings, most recently in LTTR Issue 5. She has directed and appeared in
several underground films including The Yo-Yo Gang and The Troublemakers.
She also contributed to Miranda July's Joanie4Jackie compilation, which
screened throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. In addition, she
was a founding member of the band Fifth Column and co-publisher of the
fanzine J.D.s (with Bruce LaBruce). She lives and works in Toronto.

About Light Industry
Light Industry is a new venue for film and electronic art in Brooklyn, New
York. Developed and overseen by Thomas Beard and Ed Halter, the project has
begun as a series of weekly events at Industry City in Sunset Park, each
organized by a different artist, critic, or curator. Conceptually, Light
Industry draws equal inspiration from the long history of alternative art
spaces in New York as well its storied tradition of cinematheques and other
intrepid film exhibitors. Through a regular program of screenings,
performances, and lectures, its goal is to explore new models for the
presentation of time-based media and foster an ongoing dialogue amongst a
wide range of artists and audiences within the city.

About Industry City

Industry City, an industrial complex in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is home to a
cross-section of manufacturing, warehousing and light industry. As part of a
regeneration program intended to diversify the use of its 6 million square
feet of space to better reflect 21st century production, Industry City now
includes workspace for artists. In addition to offering studios at
competitive rates, Industry City also provides a limited number of
rent-stabilized studios for artists in need of low-cost rental space. This
program was conceived in response to the lack of affordable workspace for
artists in New York City and aims to establish a new paradigm for industrial
redevelopment--one that does not displace artists, workers, local residents
or industry but instead builds a sustainable community in a context that
integrates cultural and industrial production.

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