Re: Brakhage in 8mm (was: Film print as collectible (?))

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 09 2008 - 14:53:55 PST

> Stan had one of the MIT Super8 sync systems in the mid-70s, I
> think. Did he make any sync sound films using that messy gear?

I saw some of these below in 16, I remember he said he had a Nizo -
so it might have been that but he ditched the recorder ?

>> Stan made a batch of Super 8 films in 1976 which were released in
>> Super 8 versions. These include Absence, Airs, Highs, Desert,
>> Rembrandt etc. and Jane, and a few others. All of these films
>> (except, it seems, Sketches and Gadflies) were eventually blown up
>> to 16mm and issued that way as well.

> Jeff "probably ended up at MIT partly because of Stan" Kreines

Pretty much my introduction to Stan & his work was at some lectures -
6 I think - he did at MIT, spring 1973; The Riddle of Lumen, Wold
Shadow etc period.

Were you there at that time ? (I must have asked you this before !)


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