query about making work independently

From: Carl E Bogner (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 04 2008 - 12:40:45 PST

A friend is surveying a number of us on the following topic/query. Asked me to post to you all. Thanks for whatever time you have for this query - which may not, or may, be related to current considerations of the facility of academia and economies:


A question just came to me while I was reading. Maybe you could post
it to Frameworks?

Let's say one wanted to make work without use of any video
technologies. Let's also say that one did not have the ability to
afford repairs of specialized film equipment, nor the ability to
perform such repairs oneself. Finally, let's say one wanted to engage
in a filmmaking practice that was portable, efficient, sustainable.

How would one do this--and what is the cheapest way?

Answer in practical terms: assuming one has no equipment or materials, what
would one need to acquire, and how would the use of these materials be
portable and sustainable? How would the images get recorded? How would
the maker assemble images into sequences? How would the sequences be
projected for groups? If it's not obvious, the challenge of this
question--what might be fun about trying to answer it--has to do in
part with how it's a puzzle, but also with the kinds of philosophical
musings it might inevitably give rise to (for example, is there now,
and irrevocably, no real answer to this question?).

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