Re: Teaching film [Was: Experimental films showing at various Universities]

From: Jeff Kreines (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Nov 30 2008 - 21:50:15 PST

On Nov 30, 2008, at 1:33 PM, Fred Camper wrote:

> I doubt that the technical schools that many German students attend
> to in lieu of college offer courses in avant-garde film alongside
> lathe operation.

Oddly, I first learned to use a milling machine when I was at SAIC in
the early 1970s -- working with John Schofill, Lewis Hock, and Saul
Levine building an optical printer.

Dangerously, this has led to my spending way too much time building
stuff. All SAIC's fault...

Jeff "gotta blame somebody" Kreines

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