The insecure state of Experimental film

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Nov 29 2008 - 05:58:20 PST

“ . . . . are reflective of the changes and uncertanties in the New York independent scene. And as New York goes, so goes the rest of
the country. . . . the independent film field still struggles in vain with problems of insufficient distribution, sporadic exhibition, . .
.At this writing, the future direction of {Witney Museum’s} program remains in doubt, depending entirely on who his successor will
be. A question mark even hovers over the future director of the Museum of Modern Art film department where the openness to all
tendencies within film no longer remains under the watchful eye of its former director.”
        - Amos Vogel, film comment, 1975.


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