Re: Experimental films showing at various Universities

From: malgosia askanas (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Nov 26 2008 - 12:48:36 PST

Didn't Polta make some constructive suggestions? Has Canyon tried
any of them? Are they no good? If not, why not? Is there some
reason why the response to Polta's post has to be a display of surly

>Well have opened a can of worms.....To correct some
>things that Polta states about Canyon Cinema. When Steve worked here
>it was more than 8 years ago...our Board is not passive at all...It
>has raised quite a bit of capital from private donations that has
>helped us stay in business...The Board is in the process of re
>vamping the website and creating a non profit organization for
>various purposes we have actively sought out international rentals,
>I have traveled and presented Canyon programs at festival such at
>the Nashville International FF, Big Muddy Film Festival, New
>Orleans Film Festival, Havana Film Festival and in the future to
>Japan and other places...too many to list here.
>Steve...the phone no longer is all email....I appreciated
>your work on the Board here and the two years as an
>employee.....however, many things have changed since you have
>left.....Canyon actively rents continuos projection of dvds to
>Museums and Galleries...
>I wish you would not speak for Canyon Cinema since you have not been
>actively involved for more than four years and have no idea of what
>is keeping us alive.... Instead you should be speaking for the
>Cinematheque that still pays its filmmakers a pittance (I do not
>think the honorarium has gone up in more that 15 years) for showing
>films to a nearly empty venue....and yet has a staff of three people.
>Dominic Angerame
>Director, Canyon Cinema

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