Experimental films showing at various Universities

From: DOMINIC ANGERAME (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 25 2008 - 13:31:24 PST

I originally address to Gene Youngblood, however thought I would put this out there to the entire list.

Dear Gene,

I know that you have retired,  however, I was curious if the
person who replaced you had any experimental film inclinations. Canyon
no longer receives any rental requests from the College of Santa Fe and
it was, until your retirement, one of our biggest renters,  The
unfortunate situation appears that a lot of experiment film classes or
programs are mostly one person driven. Once that person retires the
replacement is no longer interested in experimental cinema. I first
noticed this when Dick Myers retired from Kent State. He use to rent at
least $1500 a year for film screenings. Canyon has not received one
film rental request since he left. The same is true for Occidental
College when Chick Strand left, all rentals stopped. Stan Brakhage use
to rental at least $5000 worth of experimental films from Canyon a
year....now the requests from UCB have dwindled down considerably. This
is the same for the San Francisco Art Institute, School of the Art of
Chicago, University of Oklahoma and many more places too numerous to
list here.

What I might suggest to those on the list that are still teaching and
plan to retire to try and have a say about the replacement and their
interest in experimental cinema. It would certainly help the field stay
alive. I realize that often times teachers have no say in who their
replacement will be.


Dominic Angerame

Exec. Director, Canyon Cinema

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