Re: Fair Use and unfair use

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Nov 19 2008 - 09:47:00 PST

Instead of the legal doctrine of "fair use," is no one on this list
interested in the qauestion of *actual* fairness, to anyone who cares
about moving image art?

Why not, instead of looking into what you can "get away with" under some
univeristy lawyer's interpretation of copyright law, do what the film or
video artist, or their estate, asks you to do? Why not avoid showing
videos of films whose filmmakers have *never* authorized their works'
transfer to film based on their own aesthetic principles? Why not pay
rentals to the Coops, which provide money to filmmakers and keep films
in distribution?

Yes, whine whine, the school will not provide money for rentals, whine
whine. Why not try pushing harder? Why not use some of your perhaps
meager or perhaps ample salary to rent things yourself if necessary?

I know this is an issue that has been raised here before, and I'm not
trying to start a huge thread, but I thought this needed to be said.

Does no one think of the artist, unless that artist is you yourself?

Fred Camper

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