Cinema Project Presents Winnipeg Babysitter

From: Jeremy Rossen (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 18 2008 - 09:48:08 PST

Hey Frameworkers,

A last minute plea to the people in Portland Oregon not to miss Daniel Barrow's amazing Winnipeg Babysitter.
Details below.

Much Love,

Cinema Project
Jeremy Rossen and Autumn Campbell

Cinema Project Presents
Winnipeg Babysitter
Curated and Performed by Daniel
November 18th 2008
7:30 PM | $6
[Located between Burnside and Couch, doors open 30 minutes prior to
scheduled start time. Elevator access is provided, please come to the door
so we can accommodate. City Center parking is available for $7 on 14th ave.
For access to the space from the 3rd floor enter from the western

In the late '70s and throughout the 80s, Winnipeg experienced a "golden age"
of public access television. Anyone with a creative dream, concept or
politic would be endowed with airtime and professional production services.
A precedent that went far beyond standard television formula was set in the
late '70s when the infamous Winnipeg performance artist Glen Meadmore sat in
front of a television camera and silently picked at his acne for 30 minutes
each week in a program called The Goofers (later The Glen Meadmore Show.)
Winnipeg Babysitter traces this and other unique vignettes from a brief
synapse in broadcasting history when Winnipeg cable companies were mandated
to provide public access as a condition of their broadcasting license.
Because, the local public access archives were destroyed programs could only
be found in the VHS collections of the original producers. In cases when
these producers did not save their own work, Barrow had to rely on
television collectors, fans and enthusiasts. In this regard, Winnipeg
Babysitter is an archival project that restores a previously lost history.
"I've spent the last two to three years searching for these tapes. The
entire program was curated from childhood memories. The local public access
archives were destroyed when larger cable companies bought the small ones
and so the programs could only be found in the VHS collections of the
original producers. When [they] didn't save their own work, I had to rely on
television collectors."
Daniel Barrow travels to each screening providing an overhead projected
commentary/context, tracing the histories of public access television in
Manitoba, and describing the various and outrageous biographies of each
television producer and personality.
The smorgasbord of pleasures includes: three contributions by the acclaimed
Royal Art Lodge posse; a bevy of charmingly lumpen entertainers on the
exceedingly egalitarian Pollock And Pollock Gossip Show; a Crimestoppers
reenactment with a teenage rapist in a bad wig and music lifted from
Hitchcock; two puppets named Desmond and Forgetful who sing about saying no
to sniffing glue; a satirical take on post-nuclear cataclysm survivalists
who adhere to the motto "The milksop whiner of today is the mutant of
tomorrow," starring filmmaker Guy Maddin, Kyle McCullough, who went on to
become a South Park writer; and Greg Klymkiw, currently a Toronto-based film
producer; The Cosmopolitans, two old ladies on the organ and drums playing
requests (turns out they were lesbian lovers!); two black balaclava and
sawblade-decked dudes who perform a self-deprecating paean to the unholy
awesomeness of heavy metal; the Silver Persian [Cat] Extravaganza; and more
New-Wave interpretive dancing than you can shake a stick at.
Daniel Barrow is a Winnipeg-based media artist, working in performance,
video and installation. He has exhibited widely in Canada and abroad.
Recently, Barrow has exhibited at The Museum of Contemporary Art (Los
Angeles), New Langton Arts (San Francisco), and The Contemporary Art Gallery
Since 1993, Barrow has used an overhead projector to relay ideas and short
narratives. Specifically, he creates and adapts comic book narratives to a
"manual" form of animation by projecting, layering and manipulating drawings
on mylar transparencies. Barrow variously refers to this practice as
"graphic performance, live illustration, or manual animation."

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