Re: super 8 recommendation.

From: Stephen Kent Jusick (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 17 2008 - 20:08:18 PST

Ken Paul Rosenthal is correct!
There are more reversal stocks availablae today than 10 years ago!

Velvia 50 from Spectra in LA is great, if expensive ($35/roll
including processing)

Kodachrome (aka Wittnerchrome) is available from Wittner in Germany.

And if you shoot negative stocks (from Kodak or Pro8mm),
you CAN make prints! Andec in Berlin does it, and it's a great service!!
People should not overlook this possibility.
And Frameworkers and all Super8 filmmakers should know that printing from
negative is possible. So don't listen to other naysayers!

Ken mentioned that Pro8mm has a hi-con ASA 10 B&W reversal stock available.
I just got some but haven't shot it yet.

So these are exciting times in Super8, if far from the plethora of
options in the 70s....

Make sure that whatever camera you are using can correctly expose the filmstock
you choose. Of course in some low-light situations, you'll want the
iris open as wide as possible
so even a camera that can't read the proper ASA will work...

Good luck!

Stephen Kent Jusick

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