Kill Your Timid Notion: UK tour of experimental sound & image

From: Barry Esson (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 17 2008 - 08:47:58 PST

Hi Frameworks:

Just a quick email to let you know about our touring version of the KYTN
festival, which will visit London, Bristol and Glasgow in the UK in the next
3 weeks.

Loads of info noted below; hope some of you can make it along

Warmest regards: barry

Barry Esson
t: +44 (0)7970 682 865

29 Nov ­ 7 Dec

London: 29/30 Nov: BFI, BFI IMAX & ICA
Bristol: 2-4 Dec: Spike Island & Arnolfini
Glasgow: 6/7 Dec: CCA

KYTN is one of Europeıs leading festivals of sound and image, exploring the
many different ways in which renowned experimental filmmakers and musicians
investigate the borders between what you hear and what you see via live
performances and film screenings.
It involves some of the great experimental artists, musicians and filmmakers
of the last 50 years, and some of the not too distant future also. It
features film developed as its projected, visual harmonics, jerry rigged
16mm projectors, movement without motion, absurd concrete poetry, your
chance to inhabit 3 distinct points in time all at once and much more

Check out our website for when/ when/ how to buy tickets:

Ken Jacobs & Eric La Casa (in London at the BFI IMAX)
Keith Rowe, Kjell Bjorgeengen & Philipp Wachsmann
Bruce McClure
Greg Pope
La Cellule dıIntervention Metamkine
Andrew Lampert

Our film programmes navigate the multiple ways in which filmmakers and
artists have addressed the dilemmas and possibilities of sound and image,
from optical printing and syneasthesia, to complex discontinuities between
what we see and what we hear.
Location, Location, Location
Experience a sense of being in the world, in a specific space and time.
Including Jeanne Liottaıs recordings of the ionosphere and Walter Ruttmanıs
radical 35mm precursor to musique concrète.
The Coming Race Ben Rivers 5m 16mm
Baume im Herbst Kurt Kren 5m 16mm
Weekend Walter Ruttman 12m 16mm
What the Water Said 4-6 David Gatten 17m 16mm
Observando el Cielo Jeanne Liotta 19m 16mm
Soundtracks Guy Sherwin 9m 16mm
31/75 Asyl Kurt Kren 9m 16mm
Word Associations
A programme of discontinuity between narration, text and image. Including
Manual Saizıs employment of John Malkovichıs Spanish dubbing double and
Peter Roseıs absurdly hilarious concrete poetry subtitling chaos.
Mile End Purgatorio Guy Sherwin 1m 16mm
Associations John Smith 7m 16mm
Secondary Currents Peter Rose 15m 16mm
La-Lu Josef Robakowski 2m Beta
Counter Volker Schriner 7m Beta
Specialised Technicians Required Manual Saiz 1m Beta
Bleu Shut Robert Nelson 30m 16mm
Newsprint Guy Sherwin 5m 16mm
About Face
This programme takes human subjects as the focus for sound and image
construction. And it includes a couple of masterpieces of experimental film:
Paul Sharitsı deeply empathetic interpretation of epilepsy and Peter
Kubelkaıs Webern inspired abstract portrait of Arnulf Rainer.
Arnulf Rainer Peter Kubelka 7m 16mm
Acoustic Apple Josef Robakowski 4m Beta
Charlemagne 2: Piltzer Pip Chodorov 22m 16mm
Epileptic Seizure Comparison Paul Sharits 30m 16mm
Sight and Synch
Sound and image slipping out of synch and into discord, the programme
includes (in London at least) a very special version of Hollis Framptonıs
masterful (nostalgia) with a live narration by Michael Snow.
30 Sound Situations Ryszard Wasko 10m 16mm
Exit Right Chris Garrett 5m 16mm
Synch Sound Takahira Iimura 12m 16mm
The Girl Chewing Gum John Smith 12m 16mm
(nostalgia) Hollis Frampton 36m 16mm

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.