Equinox Festival 2009 call for proposals

From: Raymond Salvatore Harmon (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Nov 16 2008 - 07:16:27 PST

Hello all

I wanted to post this call for proposals here as the festival will be covering its themes relationship to film, particularly experimental film and its relationship to transcendentalism and the occult. Feel free to contact me offlist with any questions.


Raymond Salvatore Harmon


Equinox Festival

Call for proposals/lectues/panels

The Equinox Festival, a three day multimedia festival and conference centering on the themes of contemporary spiritual discovery taking place in June of 2009 in London, is seeking proposals for its lectures series.

Proposal submissions should outline the material, form of presentation as well as supply a brief biographic statement of the contributor. Focus on new approaches to presentation (IE multimedia, etc) are given greater consideration. All proposals must be presented in english or provide english subtitles/translated text for the audience.

Please send proposals to:

email suppressed

word documents, pdfs and text files are acceptable.

Suggested ares of interest include:

Egyptian mysticism
hermetic magic
chaos magick


About the Equinox Festival:

The Equinox Festival is the largest festival of contemporary spiritual discovery in the world. 3 days of lectures, panels, stage performances and live music from the worlds leading authorities on a wide range of innovative transcendental media from both contemporary and historic perspectives. From new media kaos experimentalists to pre-wiccan withcraft practices with live ritual performances from Haiti, India and Turkey not to mention nightly cutting edge noise, improvised and experimental music and video performances.

Interest in the beyond, its influence and power over our lives, is growing. Many of the practices of traditional experimental spiritual discovery are being looked at in an ever evolving world filled with the gentrification of our cultural landscape, control and surveillance by our governments and abandonment by our traditional religious models.

Yet these contemporary concerns that have driven man to look for a more individual path toward spiritual discovery have existed for as long as the written word. As the world feels true concern it grasps at the path that may provide some insight into the broader situation of manís universal soul, and what causal effects societies actions have on our individual approach to transcendental thinking.

Leading academic theorists, historians and authors converge for 3 days of cross cultural discussions, debates and panels. Offering an exciting look at the need for universal spiritual understanding and openness to new and historic approaches to perspectives on the experience of the beyond.

Each night live ritual performances will take place, presenting a cultural model for the expression of spiritual discovery. Haitian vodoun performances, Indian sacred dance and Mevlevi sufi Whirling Dervishes open a night of live music with acclaimed experimental musicians, composers and collectives coupled with transcendental cinema screenings and performances.

Spiritual discovery at the frontiers of human knowledge, academic approaches to historic ideologies, cutting edge new media research into modern forms of transcendentalism. Three days of Illumination.

The Method of Science - The Aim of Religion

Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Equinox Festival

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