Re: pedagogical philosophy?

From: Chuck Kleinhans (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Nov 12 2008 - 11:14:59 PST

Typically, such questions are aimed at having you articulate some
general ideas that guide your practice of teaching. They are not
about abstract philosophy, but about getting you to talk about how
you run a class and so forth.

For a production job this might be something you'd discuss by saying
you like to do this: show a short example of something you are trying
to teach that day (e.g. some dissolves), then discussing the
aesthetics of it, then demonstrating the technology (e.g., in camera
dissolves; A&B rolling; or digital editing dissolves). Then having
the students try hands on lab work. Then critiquing what they do.
Then summarizing, then returning to the example.

You can then talk a bit about why you think this works conceptually.

For a criticism type class it might be that you give a short intro to
the topic and show a clip or a short film. You have a discussion and
then return to summarizing what the students said and add anything
else you think is important. Then you show a different clip or film
that relates to the big idea and send them on their way, but with
something to do on Blackboard that re-enforces it by having them
write something about the second example. And you start the next
class by discussing what they did on Blackboard.

Again, you can then explain why you think this works.

I would keep it in your own language. As a rule of thumb, every
teacher knows how to discuss teaching and has something to say; if
you want to start a discussion among a bunch of them who've just met,
ask each to respond to some simple question about teaching...they'll
all talk, and they'll all feel that this was a good meeting.


On Nov 12, 2008, at 8:34 AM, Flick Harrison wrote:

> I'm looking at a job application that asks about my "pedagogical
> philosophy."
> If you've read my posts you'll guess I lean towards a critical
> pedagogy, though I'm not an expert on the theoretical aspect of
> it. I'm influenced by Augusto Boal whose methods come from
> _Pedagogy of the Oppressed_, but I've also had some training in
> constructivist techniques...
> Any professorial types care to share their own thoughts on their
> pedagogical philosophy, or direct me towards some reading on this
> subject?
> Thanks,
> Flick Harrison
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