Re: Portable harddrive recommendations?

From: Brook Hinton (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 10 2008 - 16:46:01 PST

Avoid MyBooks for video. The auto-sleep mechanism can't be defeated. I'm
editing a client project on two 1TB mybooks right now, and the drive
sleeping drives me insane. There's a script you can download somewhere that
"touches" MyBook drives every so often to keep them awake but I'm not sure
it will work well with video apps.
All hard drives fail. External hard drives fail more often regardless of
manufacturer or format. You'll hear horror stories and success stories for
pretty much every brand.

Pro video folks tend to favor G-Technology external drives. Some favor LaCie
D2 drives. I've had bad experiences with OWC drives, others love them. It's
kind of a crapshoot, but sticking with something that's still in wide use in
pro video land is a good idea. I use LaCie primarily, have had both good and
bad luck with them: drives have survived as long as 6 years and as little as
6 months.

Never rely on an external drive as your sole source for something. Have a

I would get a drive with an eSATA interface - preferably with both eSATA and
firewire (if your adapter card fails, and it does happen, you'll have the
firewire interface to fall back on). eSATA is faster, firewire is on its way
out, and USB (regardless of speed) is a bad protocol for video.


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