From: Diana Arce (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 08:07:50 PDT

Back in the United States for a limited Pre-Election engagement, Diana
Arce returns after a 2 month Tour with Politaoke (Political Speech
Karaoke). With one show already taken place at Princeton University,
Diana Arce brings Politaoke to New York City and Portland, Oregon.

October 29, 9PM: The Habeas Lounge/The Amie and Tony James Gallery,
CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY
November 1, 6:30PM:Reed College Student Union Portland, OR
November 6, 5PM:PNCA Main Building, Artist Talk, Portland, OR

At Politaoke it's You for Office, where you too can deliver the great
rhetoric filled speeches of today's most important politicians. Why
settle with hearing politicians when Politaoke allows you to become
them. Politaoke, the audience participatory political karaoke bar,
changes the face of politics and karaoke by allowing audience members
to take on the role of political leaders giving them the chance to re-
deliver speeches karaoke style. Who needs American Idol when you could
be a presidential candidate?

Completely nonpartisan, Politaoke 2008 Special includes speeches from
many presidential candidates, George W. Bush as well as some speeches
from both German and Canadian Politicians. The politician's speeches
and interviews are provided, word for word, only edited into sections
(songs) of 1 - 8 minutes. A series of debates, interviews and
television appearances are also provided as duets.

Created by Diana Arce, Politaoke is a natural progression in her (in
person) work as an artist, filmmaker and activist, who is interested
in using artistic methods as a platform to engage in political and
cultural critique and commentary in the public realm. Much of her work
stems not only from her personal experience, but also from
contemporary politics, economics and news. She is also notorious for
her prize-winning karaoke performance at Pan Am Lounge in Berlin.

Politoake is supported by kJams, Karaoke software for the Mac.

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You for Office

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