iTunes distribution now available to independent film community through TUNECORE

From: W. C. Swofford (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Oct 26 2008 - 21:32:54 PDT

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*Have your full length film, documentary and/or live concert distributed to
iTunes for no back-end distribution fee.*

This new service includes both the distribution and the digital conversion
of films and live concerts while allowing you to keep all of your rights and

The TuneCore up-front delivery fee is based on the running time.

*Will iTunes take ANY film?*

The movies placed in the iTunes store are editorially approved by the iTunes
staff. We will submit your movie along with your supplied materials for
consideration. The process for approval is usually within 10 days.

*How can I submit a movie to iTunes?*

First, email us at email suppressed with:

   - the name of your film
   - the running time of your film
   - a "sell sheet" or basic info on your film
   - any additional information you would like us to know
   - a link to view a preview on-line

*IMPORTANT: Please note, at this time all films must be in English and we
may need a screening copy mailed to us.*

Once your movie is approved, we'll send you all of the documents you'll need
as well as the information about the submission process. In addition, we
will email you the TuneCore Terms & Conditions for film distribution that
provide how much you get paid when your films are sold or rented as well as
a number of other specific details. Once you approve the Terms and
Conditions by sending us back a signed copy (email, fax or mail is fine) we
will email you an invoice for the encoding and delivery of your film. The
price of delivering a film is determined by runtime of the movie and the
amount of labor involved in getting your video encoded.

*Once approved by iTunes, what do I need to submit?*

A complete package of the materials listed below must be supplied for us to
deliver you film(s) to iTunes. Each of these items must be provided and up
to spec before we can encode and deliver your movie.

1) Your film on video to be digitized for delivery (although iTunes prefers
HD, we're able to process SD and HD material).

2) Metadata to be supplied by TuneCore to you post approval. The Metadata
(text information) describing how to put your movie together. We'll enter
all of this data into an .XML form to be delivered with your film. This will
include cast, crew, credits and other standard information about your
feature film.

3) Other files necessary for displaying your movie. This includes your
poster image and preview trailer.

*How do movie sales work?*

Through the iTunes store customers can buy and rent your film. The amount
you are paid for each sale or rental is determined by the iTunes pricing
tier system located in the TuneCore Terms and Conditions.

As always, TuneCore takes no "back-end" or "distribution" fee. You will
receive 100% of the revenue generated from the sale or rental of your movie
via a non-exclusive agreement that you can cancel at anytime!

Please email email suppressed with any additional questions.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.