Re: ambitious SF Cinematheque membership drive (was Re: volunteering in San Francisco)

From: Jonathan Marlow (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Oct 26 2008 - 12:05:41 PDT

dear Konrad,
For the sake of history, briefly stated...

When I was asked if I would consider joining the Board a few years ago, my
initial reaction was fairly reserved. I had a handful of concerns which were
somewhat quickly dispatched. By general admission, I was particularly
interested in working with you and Irina Leimbacher. That certainly made my
decision easier. Between the time that I accepted and my first Board
meeting, you had both left the organization. I won't rehash those
unfortunate details here.

I mention this insomuch that I don't believe your response necessarily
speaks for Eric. It speaks for you.

I don't disagree with your assessment that San Francisco Cinematheque failed
Eric in substantial ways. It failed you and Irina, too. Ideally, I will be
able to mend most of these past transgressions. These things will obviously
take some time. I don't expect any sort of "free pass" because I've recently
joined the staff nor do I have any intrinsic desire to blame my predecessors
for our current predicament. Nonetheless, for a few folks, I wager that the
harm (whether real or moderately feigned) was too great. Nothing I do will
make much difference to them. I hope that I won't have to count you among
that category.

As for the misattribution of OOP status for Moving Picture Poetics, I will
make certain that a correction is applied to the site on Monday. Many
apologies for the mistake. If you notice any additional errors, please do
not hesitate to let me know. I suspect the odds are quite high that there
will be others.


SAN FRANCISCO CINEMATHEQUE | 145 Ninth St. Suite 240 San Francisco, CA

In answer to Eric Theise's message Jonathan Marlow wrote:
> "Unless I am misinterpreting the subtext of your missive, it appears that
> your specific annoyance is the decline in active participation asked of you
> and the rest of our members and donors."
> Not to speak for him, but to me Eric's public message wasn't concerned with
> being asked to participate more.
> It appears that he withdrew from participation because Cinematheque didn't
> fulfill its end of a bargain.
> An "ambitious drive" to ask the community for support requires that you
> cultivate that support in good faith, and that you offer a real
> relationship, not a product, in return for participation.
> konrad
> PS re: publications.
> For those who might care, Moving Picture Poetics is not a Cinematheque
> publication and it is hardly "out of print" -- this misinformation should be
> removed from the publications list.
> The 16 page program booklet contains a collection of images and rare and
> original writings specifically for the three program series of the same
> name.
> Program list archived here:
> ^Z

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