Re: Going back to digital sound mix from a workprint/mag edit

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 23 2008 - 08:41:10 PDT

Well Redmond, you could simply use your cut mag dialog as dialog
tracks, transferring back to digital for your ProTools mix, not doing
any other mixing in mag. Clean up any tape noise if need be......

Make a mag master from the full PT mix.

,redmond entwistle wrote:

> At this stage the slates will be cut out and there has been
> talk of matching waveforms, which will take months!

....If you have a PT session with available empty track space - and
haven't done anything to your source files (I forget the PT jargon,
it's been awhile) you could extend a region back to the slate (I say
empty track or two just to avoid screen real estate issues i.e.
Control - Option copy it down one to work on it) IF you needed to
get a clean dialog section as opposed to the mag copy) - what you'd
need to do - admittedly a lot of bookkeeping - is count how many
frames you had trimmed at the head of each lip-sync shot - well, save
your trims in an orderly fashion -


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