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Date: Wed Oct 22 2008 - 22:25:13 PDT


My experience with lift seems to be correlated to longer wash times. In my
opinion, you are best to use a hypocheck to test for residual fixer rather
than the given wash times to keep the wash short. Email me offline if you
are unfamiliar with hypocheck and I can walk you through its use.


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hey miriam,

handprocessing Tri-x and Plus-X is super simple. the development times are
slightly different, and all you need do is consult the time chart that comes
with the b/w reversal processing kit.

be mindful of the temperature. for some reason that i've never fully
understood, post-processed super 8 black and white reversal emulsions are
highly prone to lifting off the base. so handle with care--unless you're
seeking a more 'tortured' look. so try not to go too high on the
temperature. have fun.


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> hello,
> i would really appreciate it if anyone on this list can respond to my
> question. i have just shot two cartridges of Tri x super 8 film, one is
7266 and
> the other is 7278. is the handprocessing the same for both?
> Thank you!
> Miriam

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