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ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art Volume XI - Arte de las Américas ·

Lightrhythm Visuals: Ryuke Archive - The Tokyo Remix Sessions ·

Hard Head: The Films of Mounir Fatmi ·

Lost Broadcasts: Videos by Eileen Maxson ·

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ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art Volume XI - Arte de las Américas
$US 25.00 SRP/Edu
European List Prices:
25.00 euros/£16.99
UPC: 796873073882
New Media
2008 · 97 min
This volume of ASPECT features a spectrum of time-based works by nine new
media artists hailing from South or Central America. "What about an issue on
Mexico?” came the suggestion from a frequent contributor. We realized we had
never published a work from South or Latin America. At ASPECT we
continuously push ourselves to expand the breadth of our publication, and
Arte de las Américas became our way to begin to represent a vibrant and
important region of artists. New Media Art crosses linguistic, cultural, and
geographic boundaries, and our goal is to represent the genre in all its
forms and sources.
Lightrhythm Visuals: Ryuke Archive - The Tokyo Remix Sessions
$US 19.99 SRP/Edu
European List Prices:
19.99 euros/£13.99
UPC: 880198081292
Visuals / VJ
2008 · 64 min
The two Japanese creators VJ REEL and K-Mixx formed a partnership in 2004
where they first conceived the album. Performing together extensively in
Tokyo's vibrant electronic music scene and working closely with audio
artists from the Insector Labo they matured a collection of modern works
which fluctuate between 3D concepts of virtual reality, films influenced by
the surroundings or the Asian metropolis  and expressive and playful graphic
studies of data.  The audiovisual works were discovered by VJ group
Lightrhythm Visuals who expanded the project into a six way collaboration
project commissioning further remixes and authoring the record.  The disc
reveals an array of creative video techniques from the dynamic beat driven
pulsating "in-sect" to the industrial structural qualities of "beautiful
destruction".  A key element of "Ryuke" is its collaborative concept: with
each track being visually remixed by top visual producers from around the
world. Featuring adaptations from the scene's top influence VJ Anyone, and
Funkshun.01, alongside the graphic inventions of Kevlar, and finished off by
two memorable interpretations by the labels founder Ben Sheppee.  It's truly
a cultural melting pot with artists from four continents taking their place
on the disc and involving in the original Japanese works.  The audio
selection for the album falls strongly into the arms of Tokyo's underground
with recognized "Broken Haze" and laptop producer "Chaos" collectively
contributing a cohesive selection of timeless sounds. Both artists have
released multiple albums and have matured both instinctive and individual
styles of music which equally balance the quality of the visual works.
Ryuke: The Tokyo Remix Sessions includes 64 mins of sharply rendered and
dynamically animated entertainment suitable for both Live House and Lounge.
With interactive DVD content, and packed with iPod Data and bonus remixes on
the ROM part of the disc.
Hard Head: The Films of Mounir Fatmi
$US 25.00 SRP/Edu
European List Prices:
25.00 euros / £16.99
UPC: 880198084095
2008 · 70 min
The Hard Head DVD includes a selection of eight videos produced and created
between 1999 and 2008 by Moroccan artist Mounir Fatmi. Political,
provocative, spiritual  and poetic, these complex works bring to light the
artist's ambiguities, doubts, fears and desires relating to our world's
current events. Using playful language  inspired by Islamic art, the Koran
and European authors such as Artaud and Montesquieu, his videos toy with
contextual relationships by blurring the notions of a here and there. Mounir
Fatmi has been present on the international scene for more than ten years
and is one of the most prolific figures of contemporary Arab art. His works
have been shown at Migros Museum, Museum Kunst Palast, Centre Georges
Pompidou, Tate Modern and the Mori Art Museum as well as various bienniales
in Venice, Seville, South Korea, Sharjah and Dakar. In French with French,
German and English subtitles.
Lost Broadcasts: Videos by Eileen Maxson
$US 19.99 SRP/Edu
European List Prices:
19.99 euros / £13.99
UPC: 880198070494
2008 · 25 min
EILEEN MAXSON drowns in white walls and cable television, emerging on
occasion to press record. Heavy-hearted and humorous, Maxson's videos record
characters struggling with an unrequited love of television. These are women
trapped in forgotten scraps of VHS, and frequently sabotaged by technical
difficulties. She performs a rejected application to the Real World, a
flustered meteorologist, silenced contest winner, and a protected witness,
among others. Maxson's works have screened far and wide at museums and
microcinemas from Texas to Tel Aviv. She is also the first recipient of the
Arthouse Texas Prize.
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