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Date: Fri Oct 17 2008 - 18:59:57 PDT

TIE, The Interntional Experimental Cinema Exposition
October 23-26, 2008
Paonia, Colorado

Official Program:

About the 2008 Festival:

Secluded in the Rocky Mountains, the rural community of Paonia is known for its dedication to the arts and small-town hospitality. Paonia is also known for producing some of the state’s highest quality organic fruits, vegetables and wines.

TIE has proudly selected Paonia for the 2008 festival and conference based on their ability to exhibit film, professionally archive, record and broadcast filmmaker round-table discussions. Paonia provices a unique stay for a highly creative and adventurous group of visiting avant-gardists and
curators. Events take place at the Blue Sage, the Paradise Theatre, KVNF, HunterGatherer Gallery as well as special outdoor locations.

Experience the art of a highly spirited avant-garde cinema among a beautiful group of creative individuals in wondrous Paonia. Tune-in to round-table discussions, attend workshops and gallery installations, as well as make new friends and meet-up with old acquaintances.

For further festival information, please e-mail: email suppressed or (phone) 970.527.6610. For any Lodging Inquiries, please call 970.201.3686.

Guest Artists/Presenters:
Standish Lawder
Madison Brookshire
Andrew Busti
Ian Cooke
David Gatten
Dirk De Bruyn
Günter Zehetner
Jason Halprin
Rachel Cole
Sandra Davis
Jorge Lorenzo
Andy “Animus” Tran
David Chaim Cohen
Andrew Filippone Jr.
Jesse Kennedy
Matthew Perino
Zach Iannazzi more

Official Program:

2008 Round-tables:
The following Round-tables will be professionally recorded and
archived by KVNF. One of which will be broadcast live:

Experimental Cinema: A Fiesty Living Soul
Location, Community and the Avant-garde
Cine Parkour: The Art of Displacement
TIE-2008: The Films in Review

Go Camping with us:
Come to the festival with your friends and camp here:

We have a variety of places to stay. However, TIE suggests Fresh and
Wyld B & B; it's a beautiful location with fantastic staff and organic
farm food:
TIE, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition
1400 16th Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80202

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Phone: (303)408-4623
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