hello again

From: jonCates (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 10 2008 - 14:25:34 PDT

hello all FrameWorkers

i have just rejoined the list after being away for about a year so i simply
wanted to post a short self-intro + hello

im an Assistant Professor in the Film, Video and New Media department at The
School of The Art Institute of Chicago where i develop the curriculum for
and teaches in the New Media path of study

i was on FrameWorks previously for a few years + posted mainly about the
connections between Film, Video & New Media Art, so i'm in the archives here
+ there

my work is also on Media Art Histories + i am one of the co-founders +
developers of the Media Art Histories blog:


+ additionally if you are interested in these topics you may be interested
in the Phil Morton Memorial Research Archive that i initiated to freely
distribute and share the Media Art work of Phil Morton, founder of the Video
Area and the Video Data Bank at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago:


thnx + looking fwd to the discussions

// jonCates
# Assistant Professor - Film, Video & New Media
# The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
# http://saic.edu/~jcates <http://saic.edu/%7Ejcates>

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