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From: Paul Clipson (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 08 2008 - 10:51:52 PDT

Hi Mark,
Hope you're enjoying the NYFilm Festival and that everything for the Walking Picture Palace is going well! Wish I was there!

I wanted to ask your advice for venues you'd recommend for a live sound/film screening I'm putting together for mid-November, or perhaps more realistically, early December in New York City. A sound installation artist, Joshua Churchill and I will both be in New York around this time and would like to do one or two 45 minute shows, perhaps involving another musician's performance, or shorts of mine, before each live set.
Do you have any recommendations for where this could possibly happen? I'd greatly appreciate any advice or information you could share with me.
By the way, a film of mine, ECHO PARK is playing at Anthology on October 20th, as part of an Images Festival program.
Wish I was there to see the Walking Picture Palace shows- please say hello to Vanessa O'Neil if you see her!
Best wishes from SF,

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From: Mark McElhatten <email suppressed>
Subject: Reminder - Walking Picture Palace - Still Light Out final line up at Anthology Film Archives
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Date: Wednesday, October 8, 2008, 6:47 AM

Walking Picture Palace program at Anthology Film Archives
Tonight Wednesday Oct 8 at 9 p.m.  Anthology Film Archives 2nd and 2nd Street in Manhattan – New York.
PAOLO GIOLI special program with 35mm premieres at 7p.m.

Vanessa O’Neill -  Suspension 10 minutes, 16mm Double Projection, color/bw                    
Bruce Checefsky    Pharmacy  4min 38 sec. 35 mm black and white 2001
Daniel Riccuito  Greenwood Cemetery video 3D 10min.
Bruce Checefsky- Taureg   2008   7:30 sec. silent version 16mm b/w
Paolo Gioli -   "Finestra davanti ad un albero" 1989  (dedicated to Fox Talbot) 
Ken Jacobs -  ALONE AT LAST  2008 digital 2 min.
Kerry Laitala – Phosphene Dreams   2008  digital  and Special Surprise…
Chris Gehman- Refraction Series     Canada • 2008 • 35mm (1:1.37)  5.5 min.
Vanessa O’Neill -  Suspension
10 minutes, 16mm Double Projection, color and black & white, silent, 2008
At once distant and immersive, the horizon hovers, recedes and emerges. Concerned with ideas of mutability and impermanence, "Suspension" investigates possibilities of expansion, the dissolution of ground/water/air, and relationships of proximity and distance.
 Bruce Checefsky    Pharmacy  4min 38 sec. 35 mm black and white 2001
 “ Simply beautiful” – Guy Maddin
 Pharmacy is based on Stefan and Franciszka Thermson’s influential 1930 abstract photogram film APTEKA. The Thermsons are considered the most important filmmakers of the Polish avant- garde of pre WWII Europe.Pharmacy is a chaotic anarchic assemblage of chemistry lab measuring cups and spoons various size test tubes, tweezers, eyeglass lenses, and a cornucopia f of translucent pharmaceutical equipment seen as shadows in black and white reverse images.
Daniel Riccuito  Greenwood Cemetery video 3D with Pulfrich filter  10 min.
In the warm light of late summer, just before dusk, I walked around GREENWOOD CEMETERY with my wife.  The iron fence separating us from the cemetery grounds began to shimmer, alternately resisting and focusing the deeper vistas beyond.  Rebounding space - "Pulfrich!"  My idea here was to reverse depth.  What I discovered, quite happily, was that shocks and anomalies are to be expected - subjectivity rules!  - D.R.
Bruce Checefsky- Taureg   2008   7:30 sec. silent version 16mm black and white photogram film.
A dramatic black and white abstract film, TUAREG is a melodious assemblage of Alencon, Venetian, and Point D'espirit lace; artificial silk flowers, plants and trees seen as shadows cast by pocket, tube, and LED flashlights.  Beautifully photographed in black-and-white on outdated twenty-five year old direct positive film, the resulting dense grain images evoke a veil of secrecy and tension surrounding the film’s meaning.  The visible division of the screen in half, several simultaneous images, ruptures the illusion that the screen's frame is a seamless view of reality.
Filmed in a private animation studio in Cleveland with experimental filmmaker Robert Banks Jr. and artist Tina Cassara.   Directed by Bruce Checefsky.
Paolo Gioli -   "Finestra davanti ad un albero" 1989  (dedicated to Fox Talbot) 16 mm black and white silent 13 min.
[Window in front of a Tree] I have several English style windows and this and a tree in winter have caused me to think about Fox-Talbot’s window—his first image, perhaps. Carried out, as usual, with the technique—but perhapsit would be better to say the discipline—of the flicker, which is, “the undulation, trembling, quivering, flashing, sparkling weakly” of the dictionary, in short everything of the” cinèsi fosforescentica.” Drawn from a thin monograph (it’s worth saying from typographic ink where there had been silver salts) I tried to shake my window using his, where there had been a tree in winter. Cross-dissolving between real and not-real, between fixed and animated images of his lively works,seemed to me to reconstruct what would have perhaps happened to Fox-Talbot, filming my window in winter.- P.G.
Ken Jacobs -  ALONE AT LAST  2008 digital 2 min.
Who wrote the Book of Love? A page torn from... the longed for moment clasped at last. Encircled, swelling in time and flying apart.  For your eyes only. To be viewed with both eyes open in relative darkness. No one will be admitted after the first two minutes. Viewer discretion advised. Let no one tear asunder…
Kerry Laitala – Phosphene Dreams   2008  digital
A digital version working with the material basis for the film Phantogram shot as it awakened upon a flat bed of revolving mirrors and digital shuttering.
Chris Gehman- Refraction Series     Canada • 2008 • 35mm (1:1.37)  5.5 min. • colour • silent
 Refraction Series offers an experimental approach to optics, using simple materials and techniques to generate a range of images of pure light and colour in motion. The film is inspired by the ideas of early scientists who investigated the nature of light and visual perception, particularly the experiments and writings of the tenth-century Arab mathematician/scientist Ibn al-Haytham and the English mathematician/scientist Isaac Newton.
 For Refraction Series, Chris Gehman worked in a darkened studio with a variety of small light sources, inexpensive optics and everyday objects that refract, diffract and otherwise alter the character of the light passing through them. Unmounted lenses and prisms, small apertures, bottles and drinking glasses, CDs and liquids were used in a series of experiments to generate images that were recorded on 16mm Kodachrome reversal stock – often with no lens attached to the camera itself – and optically printed to 35mm. The results of these experiments have been edited into a brief suite of “visual music.” Refraction Series finds moments of beauty and mystery in the movement of light itself, without reference to solid, recognizable objects. It invites us to seek out the subtle but rapturous effects of light that are all around us every day, and to consider how the treasure of colour is concealed in white light.

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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.