Part 1 of 2: This week [October 4 - 12, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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Date: Sat Oct 04 2008 - 07:09:47 PDT

Part 1 of 2: This week [October 4 - 12, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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"Battle of the Bods" by Lyndsay May

U-M Screen Arts & Cultures
University of Colorado Boulder

Experiments in Cinema V4.2 (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA; Deadline: January 10, 2009)
Post-Postcard 12 at The LAB OPEN INVITATIONAL (San Francisco, CA 94114; Deadline: November 22, 2008)
H2O: Film on Water; Juried VIDEO Exhibition 2009 (VT and NH, USA; Deadline: April 15, 2009)
The LAB (San Francisco, CA, USA; Deadline: October 22, 2008)
Renderyard International Film Festival (London; Deadline: February 13, 2009)
MUSEEK (Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Deadline: November 01, 2008)
Wisconsin Film Festival (Madison, WI, USA; Deadline: December 01, 2008)

Takoma Park Film Festival (Takoma Park, MD, USA; Deadline: November 01, 2008)
MONO NO AWARE II (Brooklyn, NY. USA; Deadline: November 07, 2008)
47th Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Deadline: October 15, 2008)
Videologia (Russia; Deadline: October 20, 2008)
SoundCast by Daily Constitutional (Richmond, VA, USA; Deadline: October 15, 2008)
AMIA Conference (Savannah, Georgia; Deadline: October 07, 2008)
San Francisco Ocean Film Festival (San Francisco, CA, USA; Deadline: October 31, 2008)
Gallery RFD (Swainsboro, GA; Deadline: October 31, 2008)
The LAB (San Francisco, CA, USA; Deadline: October 22, 2008)
MUSEEK (Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Deadline: November 01, 2008)

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 * Razzle Dazzle: the Lost World [October 4, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Tea and Sympathy: Provocative New Work In video, Photos, and Dioramas, By
    Peter Pizzi [October 4, East Boston, MA 02128]
 * Decoupage Digital [October 4, Mill Valley, CA]
 * The Warmth of the Sun [October 4, New York, New York]
 * Andrew Noren [October 4, New York, New York]
 * Nathaniel Dorsky [October 4, New York, New York]
 * Bruce Conner Tribute [October 4, New York, New York]
 * Ata Film & video Festival [October 4, San Francisco, California]
 * Odds and Ends Volume 5 "The Rose City Revue" [October 4, Seattle, Washington]
 * Hooliganship: Cartune Xprez: A Roadshow of Animated videos and Multimedia
    Performances [October 4, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Meet the Filmmakers [October 4, Vancouver, British Columbia]
 * Stop & Go [October 5, Los Angeles, California]
 * Time of the Signs [October 5, New York, New York]
 * Craig Baldwin [October 5, New York, New York]
 * Still Wave [October 5, New York, New York]
 * James Benning [October 5, New York, New York]
 * Film Diaries and Other Ways of Seeing [October 6, Cambridge, Massachusetts]
 * The Walking Picture Palace Nathaniel Dorsky – Pgm 2 [October 6, New York, New York]
 * The Walking Picture Palace Yesterday and “Today!” [October 6, New York, New York]
 * Walking Picture Palace: Come Softly - "Be Continuous often" [October 7, Brooklyn, New York]
 * Jerry Orr In -Person [October 7, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * The Walking Picture Palace Paolo Gioli [October 8, New York, New York]
 * The Walking Picture Palace Still Light Out [October 8, New York, New York]
 * Meet the Filmmakers [October 8, Vancouver, British Columbia]
 * Still Raining, Still Dreaming: Films & videos By Phil Solomon [October 9, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Phil Solomon: Collaborations With Brakhage and Other Films [October 9, Columbus, Ohio]
 * Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour At Utsa [October 9, San Antonio]
 * How We Fight Program 2: Conscripts/Presented By Kino21 [October 9, san francisco ca 94110]
 * Kill Your Timid Notion [October 10, Dundee, Scotland]
 * Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour At Utsa [October 10, San Antonio]
 * Moira Tierney & the Solus Collective In Estonia & Lithuania [October 10, parnu, estonia]
 * "Seasons With Stan" - An Evening With Phil Solomon - Filmmaker Phil
    Solomon In Person! [October 11, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Christian Divine's Protest-Ploitation + the People Next Door [October 11, San Francisco, California]
 * Odds and Ends "United State of Mind" @ Taepei Biennial [October 11, Taepei, Taiwan]
 * A Lower World: Excesses and Extremes In Film and video [October 11, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * We Are All Made of Stars: videos By Laurel Nakadate (In Person) [October 11, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Moira Tierney & the Solus Collective In Estonia & Lithuania [October 11, parnu, estonia]
 * Filmforum Presents Holly Would If She Could: Artists’ Responses To
    Hollywood [October 12, Los Angeles, California]
 * Remembering Mark Lapore [October 12, San Francisco, California]
 * Artist Talks With Michael Bell-Smith & Laurel Nakadate [October 12, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Ryan Trecartin I-Be Area [October 12, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

Events are sorted by CITY within each DATE.


Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
8:00pm, Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

  Razzle Dazzle: The Lost World (Dir. Ken Jacobs, 91 min., 2007) "is an
  early Edison shot cut off at its head and tail and along its four sides
  from the continuity of events like any camera-shot from a bygone day;
  no, like any camera-shot, immediately producing an abstraction. This
  abstraction pictures a great spinning maypole-like device lined with
  young passengers dipping and lifting as it circles through space. They
  look out - from their place at the start of the 20th century - with a
  remarkable variety of expressions, giddy to pensive. We observe them but
  of course they see nothing of this, our America, hopelessly gone to rot,
  its mountaintops leveled for extraction of coal, rivers and air
  polluted, crisscrossed everywhere with property-lines; they don't see
  its prisons or the corporations leaning in from their off-shore
  tax-bases to see what more they can take. Early stereopticon images also
  appear, digitally manipulated to reveal their depths. A digital shadow
  falls upon the scene and yet, grim as things get, as our crimes and
  failures then and now commingle, the movie proceeds with a
  cubist/abstract-expressionist zest." –Ken Jacobs

East Boston, MA 02128: Atlantic Works Gallery
6pm-9pm, 80 Border Street, top floor

  In the 1956 film, "Tea and Sympathy," the unconventional hero,
  ill-at-ease with the other boy's talk of girls and sports, is deemed a
  "sissy." Taking his cue from the innuendo-laced film, Pizzi has mounted
  a media play land which touches on themes of sexuality and identity with
  innocence and/or perversion. Via eight video viewing boxes, "Tea and
  Sympathy" guests will partake of the voyeuristic thrills of a peep show.
  Pizzi's show also includes hands-on erotic puzzles; teasing, doll-sized
  dioramas; and photography of masked nude models, suggesting both
  exposure and anonymity. Continuing with the theme, Pizzi has set up an
  installation resembling a gay sex club back room in which one can view
  his latest short film, "Sucker." Peter Pizzi is a filmmaker,
  photographer, and installation artist. His films have shown at venues
  which include The Directors' Guild in Los Angeles, The Anthology Film
  Archive in New York City, and the London Historical Film Society.
  Locally, his short films have screened at the Coolidge Corner Theatre,
  The Brattle Theatre, and The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This show
  contains works and images that may not be suitable for all audiences,
  discretion advised. Opening Reception: Saturday, October 4th, 6-9 pm
  Third Thursday Reception: October 16th, 6-9 pm Show Dates: October
  4th-25th, 2008 Atlantic Works Gallery 80 Border St, top floor East
  Boston, MA 02128 T access and ample parking

Mill Valley, CA: San Francisco Cinematheque
1pm, 142 Throckmorton Avenue

  Sponsored by California Film Institute. These shorts will touch the
  hearts and minds of everyone who has sought inspiration in a dream.
  Peter Byrne, Carole Woodlock and Michaela Eremiasova's MURMUR and
  Tiffany Doesken-Polos' MOSAIC MECANIQUE explore the porous membrane
  between real and virtual imagery and sound. Samuel Stout's THERE IS NO
  THERE THERE pays silent homage to the late Stan Brakhage. Steve
  Friendship's DEHLI HANDKERCHIEF and Baba Hillman's THROUGH OUR EYES are
  lyrical story-fragments connecting women with the cycles of nature.
  Wesley Wetherington's A SONG FOR THE EVERYDAY, Igor and Ivan Buharov's
  ONeHeADWOrD PrOteCtiON and Jacob Bricca's PURE are montage-based films
  charged with social commentary and satire. And THE SECRET APOCALYPTIC
  (Elizabeth Henry) and ELLA AND THE ASTRONAUT (Robert Machoian and
  Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck) navigate the rough terrain of human relations, from
  the intimate to the intergalactic

New York, New York: Views from the Avant Garde (NY Film Festival)
12pm, Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

  Dove Coup: Ben Rivers | Whispers: Ernie Gehr | Les Chaises: Vincent
  Grenier | Obar: Taylor Dunne | After Writing: Mary Helena Clark |
  Origins of the Species: Ben Rivers | Film for Invisible Ink, case no.
  142 Abbreviation for Dead Winter [diminished by 1,794]: David Gatten |
  ELEMENTs: Julie Murray | False Friends: Sylvia Schedelbauer | Hold Me
  Now: Michael Robinson | And the Sun Flowers: Mary Helena Clark | False
  Aging: Lewis Klahr

New York, New York: Views from the Avant Garde (NY Film Festival)
3:30pm, Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

  Aberration of Starlight

New York, New York: Views from the Avant Garde (NY Film Festival)
6:30, Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

  Winter | Sarabande

New York, New York: Views from the Avant Garde (NY Film Festival)
8:45pm, Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center


San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30pm, 992 Valencia Street

  Now in its third year, the ATA Fest presents contemporary, cutting-edge
  shorts from around the world. Beauty abounds in this consummating
  program, an ensemble set to marvelous visions and radical
  subjectivities...and spiked with Somnambulant Ghouls! Curated by Isabel
  Fondevila and Shae Green (in person), tonight's program features Kerry
  Laitala's Retrospectroscope, John Davis' What for What, Carl Diehl's
  Nocturnal Emissions, and Mack McFarland's In Search of a Mystic Bartone.
  ALSO: provocative pieces by Daya Cahen, Neil Ira Needleman, Esther Maria
  Probst, Mike Rollo, Douglas Schultz, and Telemach Wiesinger. PLUS window
  installations, gallery loops, and delicious libations at the bar!
  Complete program at A portion of the $10 admission goes
  to support our feisty sister-organization.

Seattle, Washington: Odds and Ends Screening Series
5 PM, 1515 12th Ave 98122

  Portland Oregon's very own Odds and Ends screening series is very happy
  to announce that we have been invited to program a recent survey of
  Portland made films and videos at the Northwest Film Forum's upcoming
  Local Sightings Film Festival. Odds and Ends Volume 5 "The Rose City
  Revue" will make it's world premiere on Oct 4th and is a Fall Harvests
  worth of Portland made goodies, featuring works by: Melody Owen, John
  Bacone, Cat Tyc, Rob Tyler, Grace Carter (world premiere), Peter Hermes,
  Liz Haley, Dicky Dahl, Ron Gassaway, Jeremy Bird, Chris Larson, Ice
  Cream Truck Face, Lars Larsen, Carl Diehl, Stephani Simak + Adam Keller,
  Carl Diehl, Karl Lind and more! complete show program up soon!
  Date/Time: October 4th, 5pm Location: Northwest Film Forum 1515 12th Ave
  Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 329-2629 The Odds and Ends screening series is
  the brainchild of filmmaker, videographer and curator Karl Lind and will
  be two years old in November of this year.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Pleasure Dome
9 & 11pm, CineCycle, 129 Spadina Ave.

  Portland-based Hooliganship (Peter Burr and Christopher Doulgeris, born
  1980) are in Toronto on Nuit Blanche to present Cartune Xprez: a
  roadshow of animated videos and multimedia performances. Cartune Xprez
  is a 70-minute program of shorts that celebrate the wilderness of the
  imagination through motion pictures, featuring such artists as Bruce
  Bickford (Inversion Layer – excerpt), Shana Moulton (The Mountain Where
  Everything Is Upside Down), Takeshi Murata (EscapeSpiritVideoSlime) and
  more. Alongside this cartoon theater Hooliganship will be performing
  their most recent piece entitled Realer in which audiences strap on a
  pair of 3D glasses to bear witness to a televised parade gone awry. In
  Realer live music, cartoons and video game worlds cross paths in a
  surreal adventure through three dimensions. We watch the two high-energy
  hoodie-clad boys with their guitars and synths musically and physically
  interact with the cartoon images on the screen behind them (including
  their own crudely animated doubles). Pure absurd rainbow bliss, Realer
  is a wacky journey into media oversaturation inspired by the promise of
  visual pleasure offered by the "magic" 3D glasses that put viewers into
  the show: "These glasses make everything feel pretty real, but I have
  something to show you that's even realer" one character promises.
  Hooliganship was formed in 2002 to create performances, videos, music
  and installations that revel in a hypnotic abundance of digital

Vancouver, British Columbia: Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society
2pm, Cineworks Studio [1131 Howe, entrance through the Pacific Cinematheque]

  14th year at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Meet The
  Filmmakers is about the realization of ideas and the revelation of
  process. These informal and insightful panel discussions with filmmakers
  attending the festival provide a rare opportunity for the festival
  audience to engage in meaningful dialogue with the creative visionaries
  of modern cinema. BUILDING AN ARC 04 October 2008, 2pm Cineworks Studio
  [1131 Howe, entrance through the Pacific Cinematheque] Every great
  documentary starts with an idea. But where do you go from there? Where
  will the story go? How will it end? These are often the tough questions
  that financiers and broadcasters want to know before they greenlight
  your project. These selected filmmakers discuss how they uncovered a
  story arc, the creative processes they went through in making their
  featured documentaries, the hurdles involved, and the unexpected
  surprises they uncovered as they made their films. Panelists: Scott
  Smith [As Slow as Possible], Ryan Knighton [As Slow As Possible], John
  Walker [Passage] and Nik Sheehan [FLicKeR] Moderator: Lynn Booth


Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Echo Park Film Center, 1200 Alvarado Street (at Sunset)

  Filmforum presents Stop & Go, work by established filmmakers and visual
  artists who use stop-motion techniques to tell stories, examine visual
  phenomena, and make political statements. These animators breathe new
  life into magazine cutouts, homemade drawings, everyday objects, and
  even the body itself. The results are humorous, poignant, and marvelous.
  Includes filmmakers from around the world, new work and a few classics.
  General admission $10, students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members.

New York, New York: Views from the Avant Garde (NY Film Festival)
12pm, Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

  1859: Fred Worden | Train of Thought: Jim Jennings | New York Lantern:
  Ernie Gehr | After Marks: Fern Silva | Nocturne [Avenue A, no lens]:
  Joel Schlemowitz | Novel City: Leslie Thornton | Trypps #5 (Dubai): Ben
  Russell | Today! (excerpts #28, #19): Jessie Stead & David Gatten | Ah
  Liberty! : Ben Rivers

New York, New York: Views from the Avant Garde (NY Film Festival)
3pm, Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

  The Diptherians Episode Two: The Rhythm That Forgets Itself: Lewis Klahr
  | Tattoo Step: Michael Maryniuk | Mock up on Mu: Craig Baldwin

New York, New York: Views from the Avant Garde (NY Film Festival)
6pm, Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

  America is Waiting: Bruce Conner | Dig: Robert Todd | Right: Scott Stark
  | 16-18-4: Tomonari Nishikawa | The Acrobat: Chris Kennedy |
  Nightparking: Gretchen Skogerson | The Scenic Route: Ken Jacobs|
  Phantogram: Kerry Laitala | When Worlds Collude: Fred Worden |
  Horizontal Boundaries: Pat O'Neill

New York, New York: Views from the Avant Garde (NY Film Festival)
9pm, Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center



Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard Film Archive
7pm, 24 Quincy Street

  Film Diaries and Other Ways of Seeing – Recent Work by Ute Aurand,
  Milena Gierke and Renate Sami October 6 Directors Ute Aurand, Milene
  Gierke and Renate Sami in Person Special Event Tickets $10 OH! The 4
  Seasons (OH! Die 4 Jahreszeiten) Made in collaboration with fellow
  filmmaker—and the film's star—Ulrike Pfeiffer, OH! offers a dizzying,
  joyous detournement of iconic sites in postcard cities: Paris, Berlin,
  Moscow, London. The opening text is read by Jonas Mekas. Directed by Ute
  Aurand, Ulrike Pfeiffer. West Germany 1988, 16mm, color, 20 min. Film
  Diary, 1975-85 (Filmtagebuch, 1975-85) Sami's lyrical portrait of a
  West-Berlin community in the age of the Wall interweaves different
  places and seasons into an atmospheric meditation on friendship and
  memory. The central poem is by Cesare Pavese, the subject of Sami's
  feature-length documentary Cesare Pavese. Turin - Santo Stefano Belbo.
  Directed by Renate Sami. Germany 2005, video, color, 33 min. Compilation
  of Super 8 films by Milena Gierke By focusing her camera on singular
  details and objects within a larger setting, Gierke offers an
  impressionistic distillation of time and place. Gierke has likened the
  "fragility" of Super8 to water colors, noting that "each brushstroke
  [remains] visible and permanent." "I am strongly attracted to the unique
  visual qualities of everyday existence, and my films are my means of
  drawing attention to that which fascinates me." -MG Directed by Milena
  Gierke. The Protection Foil (Die Schutzfolie) Sami's humorous entry into
  an anti-war compilation film literally carries out the "practical"
  advice given by the German government as a precaution against nuclear
  radiation. Directed by Renate Sami. West Germany 1983, 16mm, b/w, 8 min.
  A Walk (Ein Spaziergang) Directed by Ute Aurand. Germany 2008, 16mm,
  color, silent, 4 min. In the Park (Im Park) Directed by Ute Aurand.
  Germany 2008, 16mm, color and b/w, silent, 6 min. Zuoz Directed by Ute
  Aurand. Germany 2008, 16mm, color, silent, 2 min. Aurand's three most
  recent films, all filmed in Switzerland, form a loose trilogy about
  place and season.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  A FALL TRIP HOME (1964, 11 minutes, 16mm, color, sound) "The second in
  the trilogy, it is less a psychodrama and more a sad sweet song of youth
  and death, of boyhood and manhood and our tender earth." N.D. ALAYA
  (1976-1987, 28 minutes, 16mm, color, silent) "Sand, wind, and light
  intermingle with the emulsions. The viewer is the star." N.D. SONG AND
  SOLITUDE (2005/2006, 21 minutes, 16mm, color, silent) "Conceived and
  photographed with the loving collaboration of Susan Vigil during the
  last year of her life. Its balance is more toward an expression of inner
  landscape, or what it feels like to be, rather than an exploration of
  the external visual world as such." N.D.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
9pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  INDIA (ca. 1971-72, 25 minutes, 16mm, silent) "This unreleased film has
  not been seen in New York for nearly twenty years. For many, Binghamton
  was an eye-opening experience that brought cinema to life. For Jacobs it
  was an intrepid new beginning, pioneering a new cinema department in a
  time and place far from the here and now. This unlikely town became a
  mecca of experimental cinema. But on most days it was an overcast
  twilight zone of collapsed industry, where the trains didn't stop
  anymore. This modest and beautiful film features both constructed and
  spontaneous play caught by Jacobs's inimitable camera eye." –M.M. Ken
  Jacobs DEATH OF P'TOWN (1961, 7 minutes, 16mm, color, sound. Starring
  Jack Smith.) "After years of shooting my raging epic STAR SPANGLED TO
  DEATH, starring Jack Smith, and after a few months of being on the outs
  with each other, we got together for one last stab at friendship and the
  making of a film in Provincetown, Summer of '61." –K.J. Scott Stark
  HOTEL CARTOGRAPH (1983, 11 minutes, 16mm, color, sound) A camera mounted
  on a movable cart, pointing down at the floor, passes over a seemingly
  endless succession of gaudy carpets and surfaces in a single shot
  through a major hotel. Jessie Stead & David Gatten TODAY! (2007/2008,
  ca. 35-40 minutes, digital video, color sound) "Part transmutable
  daydream, part pseudo-haiku playground, part epic prop comedy and maybe
  more. Please note TODAY! is a sun-lighted, purposefully unfinished
  motion picture (an excerpted excerpt from an episodic episode). All
  resulting ambiguities and continuity errors represent the potential joys
  of misunderstanding and should not be mistaken for irresponsible
  filmmaking." –J.S.


Brooklyn, New York: Light Industry
8pm, 55 33rd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue), 3rd Floor

  Curated by Mark McElhatten Films by Stom Sogo, Luther Price, Miranda
  Raimondi, Julie Murray, Scott Stark, Phil Solomon, Lewis Klahr, and
  others with several world premieres and surprises. Presenting work old
  and new. World premieres: Speechless by Scott Stark, fearless symmetries
  of labia and landscape (images and text for Speechless:; YSBRYD by Julie Murray, a liebestod from
  the secret life of slugs. Epistles and remixes from afar by Stom Sogo,
  mosaic musicals and indelible ink from Luther Price, immersive blues
  from Miranda Raimondi, confectionary archeology and slices of Permian
  strata from Lewis Klahr, outtakes and clips from unnamed sources,
  intakes from the ghostlands from Phil Solomon, twice told fragments and
  hushed surprises. – MM

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers
7:30, Albright College

  JERRY ORR (Reading, PA) will be present to screen a wide range of his
  film and video work spanning Super 8s from the 1990s through more recent
  creations. Orr, one of the founders of Berks Filmmakers (in 1975), has
  had his works shown (at in-person and rental shows) at many of the
  leading media art venues in museums and universities throughout the
  U.S., including several works in the "Big as Life" series at MoMA. Orr's
  work offers a unique blend of the visionary, the provocative, and the
  subversive (both politically and aesthetically) combined with a
  constantly evolving engagement with current media technology (sound as
  well as image) that he uses to explore and celebrate personal vision.
  Some of the works he will show are: The Wizard of Oz: A Metaphysical
  Dream (1992, Super 8/8mm video)— The schizoid landscape of a severed
  head encapsulated in a lunascape of phantasmal imagery
  desperately…lightheartedly, trying to communicate with Mother Earth;
  Ghost in the Machine (1993,16mm/hi8)—Painting and scratching on video
  with two film projectors, a battery operated fan, a human hand and arm,
  a wood dowel, and a video camera; an eyewash inspired by Len Lye, Ballon
  D'essai (1999 Mini-DV.)—Director's Citation, Black Maria Film & Video
  Festival; Shaman (2000, Mini-DV)—"…'shot' during a visit to brother and
  sister-in-law's new home…situated in the high Mojave Desert, and I was
  struck dumb by the magical and mysterious ambience of the inside/outside
  landscape created before my very eyes. I was non-reflectively moved to
  look through a drinking glass at the sites/sights surrounding me, and
  then directed by an inner daemon to insert my DV camera between the
  glass and my eye and press the record button;" Walk with George (2005,
  Mini-DV)—a peripatetic adventure with George Kuchar during a fever
  dream; Old Glory (2007)—a personal reaction to the current political
  events which, partially, define our present shameful and iniquitous
  approach to the world- at -large


New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  Often referred to as The Man Without A Movie Camera due to his pinhole
  wizardry and lens-less camera work. A quiet force in the art world since
  the 1960s, Gioli's photographs and silkscreens are in the collection of
  many international museums. A rediscovery of his extraordinary film work
  was initiated by the double-DVD release from Raro Video and a one-person
  show at the NYFF two years ago. Tonight we will present two world
  premieres, CHILDREN and INTERLINEA, both completed in 2008, along with
  other works in 16mm, 35mm, and digital video, many of which are being
  seen in NY for the first time.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
9pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  "I went to New York to leave your flowers of blood and light In the
  Picture Shows I dreamed of your birthmark in the shape of a pistol."
  –Frank Stanford, "Blue Yodel of the Desperado, after Pier Paolo
  Pasolini" "Trying to whisper life came back, light came back." –Jorie
  Graham, "Spelled from the Shadows Aubade" • Suspension 10 minutes, 16mm
  Double Projection, color and black & white, silent, 2008 At once distant
  and immersive, the horizon hovers, recedes and emerges. Concerned with
  ideas of mutability and impermanence, "Suspension" investigates
  possibilities of expansion, the dissolution of ground/water/air, and
  relationships of proximity and distance. Bruce Checefsky Pharmacy 4min
  38 sec. 35 mm black and white 2001 " Simply beautiful" – Guy Maddin
  Pharmacy is based on Stefan and Franciszka Thermson's influential 1930
  abstract photogram film APTEKA. The Thermsons are considered the most
  important filmmakers of the Polish avant- garde of pre WWII
  Europe.Pharmacy is a chaotic anarchic assemblage of chemistry lab
  measuring cups and spoons various size test tubes, tweezers, eyeglass
  lenses, and a cornucopia f of translucent pharmaceutical equipment seen
  as shadows in black and white reverse images. Daniel Riccuito Greenwood
  Cemetery video 3D with Pulfrich filter 10 min. In the warm light of late
  summer, just before dusk, I walked around GREENWOOD CEMETERY with my
  wife. The iron fence separating us from the cemetery grounds began to
  shimmer, alternately resisting and focusing the deeper vistas beyond.
  Rebounding space - "Pulfrich!" My idea here was to reverse depth. What I
  discovered, quite happily, was that shocks and anomalies are to be
  expected - subjectivity rules! - D.R. Bruce Checefsky- Taureg 2008 7:30
  sec. silent version 16mm black and white photogram film. A dramatic
  black and white abstract film, TUAREG is a melodious assemblage of
  Alencon, Venetian, and Point D'espirit lace; artificial silk flowers,
  plants and trees seen as shadows cast by pocket, tube, and LED
  flashlights. Beautifully photographed in black-and-white on outdated
  twenty-five year old direct positive film, the resulting dense grain
  images evoke a veil of secrecy and tension surrounding the film's
  meaning. The visible division of the screen in half, several
  simultaneous images, ruptures the illusion that the screen's frame is a
  seamless view of reality. Filmed in a private animation studio in
  Cleveland with experimental filmmaker Robert Banks Jr. and artist Tina
  Cassara. Directed by Bruce Checefsky. Paolo Gioli - "Finestra davanti ad
  un albero" 1989 (dedicated to Fox Talbot) 16 mm black and white silent
  13 min. [Window in front of a Tree] I have several English style windows
  and this and a tree in winter have caused me to think about Fox-Talbot's
  window—his first image, perhaps. Carried out, as usual, with the
  technique—but perhapsit would be better to say the discipline—of the
  flicker, which is, "the undulation, trembling, quivering, flashing,
  sparkling weakly" of the dictionary, in short everything of the" cinèsi
  fosforescentica." Drawn from a thin monograph (it's worth saying from
  typographic ink where there had been silver salts) I tried to shake my
  window using his, where there had been a tree in winter.
  Cross-dissolving between real and not-real, between fixed and animated
  images of his lively works,seemed to me to reconstruct what would have
  perhaps happened to Fox-Talbot, filming my window in winter.- P.G. Ken
  Jacobs - ALONE AT LAST 2008 digital 2 min. Who wrote the Book of Love? A
  page torn from... the longed for moment clasped at last. Encircled,
  swelling in time and flying apart. For your eyes only. To be viewed with
  both eyes open in relative darkness. No one will be admitted after the
  first two minutes. Viewer discretion advised. Let no one tear asunder…
  Kerry Laitala – Phosphene Dreams 2008 digital a digital version working
  with the material basis for the film Phantogram shot as it awakened upon
  a flat bed of revolving mirrors and digital shuttering. Chris Gehman-
  Refraction Series Canada • 2008 • 35mm (1:1.37) 5.5 min. • colour •
  silent Refraction Series offers an experimental approach to optics,
  using simple materials and techniques to generate a range of images of
  pure light and colour in motion. The film is inspired by the ideas of
  early scientists who investigated the nature of light and visual
  perception, particularly the experiments and writings of the
  tenth-century Arab mathematician/scientist Ibn al-Haytham and the
  English mathematician/scientist Isaac Newton. For Refraction Series,
  Chris Gehman worked in a darkened studio with a variety of small light
  sources, inexpensive optics and everyday objects that refract, diffract
  and otherwise alter the character of the light passing through them.
  Unmounted lenses and prisms, small apertures, bottles and drinking
  glasses, CDs and liquids were used in a series of experiments to
  generate images that were recorded on 16mm Kodachrome reversal stock –
  often with no lens attached to the camera itself – and optically printed
  to 35mm. The results of these experiments have been edited into a brief
  suite of "visual music." Refraction Series finds moments of beauty and
  mystery in the movement of light itself, without reference to solid,
  recognizable objects. It invites us to seek out the subtle but rapturous
  effects of light that are all around us every day, and to consider how
  the treasure of colour Group show – Other artists and works to be

Vancouver, British Columbia: Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society
3:30pm, Cineworks Studio [1131 Howe, entrance through the Pacific Cinematheque]

  14th year at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Meet The
  Filmmakers is about the realization of ideas and the revelation of
  process. These informal and insightful panel discussions with filmmakers
  attending the festival provide a rare opportunity for the festival
  audience to engage in meaningful dialogue with the creative visionaries
  of modern cinema. ANIMATING FESTIVALS 08 October 2008, 3:30pm Cineworks
  Studio [1131 Howe, entrance through the Pacific Cinematheque] From
  shorts to features, how does [under?] representation in the festival
  circuit impact the state of independent animation? Considering the
  landscape from creation to exhibition to distribution to promotion,
  local and international animators discuss the creative challenges they
  face in the field today. Panelists: Neil Burns [Edison and Leo], Ann
  Marie Flemming [RUNNING (heart, mind, body, spirit)], Nina Paley [Sita
  Sings the Blues]


Chicago, Illinois: Conversations at the Edge
6pm, 164 N. State St.

  Phil Solomon in person! For over three decades, Phil Solomon's cinematic
  alchemy has forged great beauty from images awash in material and
  emotional grit. Renowned for transforming found footage into molten
  dreamscapes through chemical and photographic processes, Solomon has
  recently garnered acclaim for an extraordinary series of videos that
  turn the imagery from the hyper-violent Grand Theft Auto video game to
  stunningly poetic ends. Tonight he presents four videos from this
  series, including UNTITLED (FOR DAVID GATTEN) (w/Mark Lapore, 2005),
  and a special preview of the forthcoming STILL RAINING, STILL DREAMING
  (2008), along with two earlier films, the lush, seething TWILIGHT PSALM
  III: NIGHT OF THE MEEK (2002), and the staccato NOCTURNE (1980/89).
  Co-presented by the University of Chicago's Film Studies Center, which
  will present a second program of Solomon's work on Friday, October 10.
  1980–2008, Phil Solomon, USA, multiple formats, ca 90 minutes.

Columbus, Ohio: Wexner Center for the Arts
7 pm, 1871 N. High St.

  Legendary experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage (1933–2003) was one of
  Phil Solomon's greatest inspirations, mentors, and friends. They even
  collaborated on several remarkable films, two of which we'll be
  screening tonight, along with never-before-seen footage of Brakhage at
  work and play specially prepared for tonight's screening from Solomon's
  personal archive. We'll also show a number of Solomon's more
  Brakhage-influenced films. Program contents: The Secret Garden (1988),
  Concrescence (w/Stan Brakhage, 1996), Clepsydra (1992), The Snowman
  (1995), Seasons... (w/Stan Brakhage, 2002) (all 16mm) + special Brakhage
  footage (video).

San Antonio: UTSA New Media Program
7pm, UTSA Downtown Campus, Buena Vista Building (Aula Canaria Room)

  The oldest experimental film festival in the States is coming to San
  Antonio! Two different programs on two different nights... Beginning in
  July 2008 and continuing through January 2009, the Ann Arbor Film
  Festival will tour the globe visiting theaters, art house cinemas,
  museums, universities and microcinemas. The AAFF tour is a collection of
  the finest cutting-edge, independent and artistically-inspired short
  films from the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival across all genres:
  experimental, documentary, animation and narrative.

san francisco ca 94110: artists' television access
8pm, 992 valencia

  Thursday, October 9, 2008. 8PM $6 HOW WE FIGHT Program 2: Conscripts
  presented by kino21 Interviews with My Lai Veterans ?by Joseph Strick,
  (USA, 1971 22 minutes) Clean Thursday ?by Aleksandr Rastorguev (Russia,
  2002, 45 minutes) Clean Thursday by Aleksandr Rastorguev Clean Thursday
  by Aleksandr Rastorguev Interviews with My Lai Veterans by Joseph Strick
  Interviews with My Lai Veterans by Joseph Strick » More images kino21's
  series, How We Fight, presents international works that explore
  soldiering and depict the experience of war from the point of view of
  those on the ground. From Argentina, Russia, Iraq, Germany, France,
  Holland and the U.S., several of these films are US premieres. On
  Thursday, September 25 we begin with Iraqi Short Films, a brand new
  compilation of videos shot in battle by soldiers and militia members in
  Iraq. Subsequent programs include video diaries of the battlefield and
  pre- or post-combat rumination, extended observational portraits and
  interview-based works. There are depictions of Russian conscripts in
  Chechnya, PKK rebels in the mountains of Iraq, American veterans
  returned from Vietnam, and mercenaries and peacekeepers stationed across
  the globe, from Bosnia to Rwanda, from the Middle East to the USA. . The
  series continues with two films portraying the words and worlds of
  conscripted soldiers. Tonight is a study in opposites, on one hand frank
  questions about slaughter in Interviews with My Lai Veterans and on the
  other, poetic and ironic observation on fighters' repose in Clean
  Thursday. But these films share an unflinching ear and eye for the
  soldiers who have fought on the ground in two of the world's most
  powerful armies. Filmed two years after the My Lai massacre took place
  in Vietnam, the Oscar-winning Interviews presents five soldiers who
  recount their personal experience and understanding of that gruesome
  day, each one with a different perspective. While Interviews focuses on
  how soldiers interpret and narrate their role in massacre, Clean
  Thursday gives the converse: a sensuous and candid look at how soldiers
  live their moments between the carnage. During the Russian occupation
  and "cleansing" of Chechnya, a group of rear-guard soldiers is in charge
  of keeping their army clean. An old steam train transformed into laundry
  wagons and bathhouses is where most of Rastorguev's film takes place.
  Soldiers arrive from the front, sweating and trudging through mud. For a
  day or two of respite, they wash, swear, remember family, brag about
  sexual conquests, and recount the hell of a war they've survived, as
  they clean their bodies and clothes only to "once again" kill or be
  killed at the front. How We Fight: Conscripts, Mercenaries, Terrorists
  and Peacekeeprs is presented with the generous support of the Potrero
  Nuevo Fund of the Tides Foundation, the LEF Foundation, and Goethe
  Institut San Francisco.

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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.