a magazine for a film festival?

From: David Berridge (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 03 2008 - 08:54:08 PDT

Hi everyone,

More Milk Yvette: A Journal of the Broken Screen, the blog based
magazine I coordinate, will be covering this years London Film
Festival, focussing on the experimenta strand but also looking to see
what else is around and of interest.

Not having done this before, I've been thinking about how this could
work - how a magazine could work in the context of a film festival. It
seems like a powerful idea but what exactly is the point? Of course at
the moment I' m thinking in terms of different kinds of reviews, over-
views, diary pieces, interviews and so on, but: What is useful? What
kind of space should a magazine provide? What kinds of writing? What
would you want to see in such a magazine if you were going to the
festival, someone showing work, or following events from afar?

Has anyone hear been to or organized a festival that also had some
magazine/ blog running alongside it? I'd be interested to hear any
experiences. Also, if you're in London and would like to write about
some of the experimenta screenings and discussions, or contribute
other material on the film-makers involved this year, then please e-
mail me at:

email suppressed

Lots of existing projects, of course, to consider here:
filmlinc.wordpress.com is a somewhat different but related model I've
been enjoying lately.

all best

David Berridge


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