MOIRA TIERNEY & the SOLUS COLLECTIVE in Estonia & Lithuania!

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Date: Mon Sep 29 2008 - 04:35:53 PDT


October 10th, 19:00

Artist House Parnu

Moira Tierney presents a programme of new
films and videos by the Dublin-based SOLUS Collective: A sampling of SOLUS DVD #1 combined with a sneak
preview of our next extravaganza (coming up at Anthology Film
Archives in New York in November): Malian medicine men, suicidal
lobsters, poetry as Gaeilge,
Coupe-Decale, Stom Sogo's New York Diaries, American Dreams #4,
abstracted Arabic meditations, sean-nos singers, Dublin's premier Afro
Sports Metal combo, Belfast hip-hop, drowning houses ...

 Saturday October 11th, 11:00

Non Grata School House, 16 Sur Posti

Moira Tierney will conduct a workshop/talk on
collective organization in the digital age:

ORGANIZE DIGITAL, SCREEN ANALOG. This will deal with her experience as founder member of
the SOLUS Collective, which is Dublin - based but has an international membership; much of the organizing is done online. Solus arose out of a
common passion for Super-8mm and has grown to include work shot and/or
screened on Super-8mm, 16mm, 35mm,analog and digital video and
traditional and computer generated animation. Special
emphasis will be placed on recent screening
experiences in Marseille, where the DVDs for the screening disappeared
in the French postal system ... and had to be uploaded in Dublin at
full video resolution and downloaded in Marseille; the same screening
featured a 20 minute silent black and white Super-8mm film by Stom
Sogo, for which a projector had to be sourced in Marseille the week
before the screening.


Saturday October 18th

Jonas Mekas Visual Arts

Konstitucijos pr. 3, 906 kab., LT-09601 Vilnius

(85) 2112377   /   fax
(85) 2112502   /   email:
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Moira Tierney presents a programme of her own work with a
programme of films and videos by the SOLUS collective: expect a mixture of some of the above along with some of her shorts from the last ten years or so!

more information see:

 Screenings and workshop sponsored by
the Irish
Arts Council


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