MUSEEK - call for entries

From: Alexei Dmitriev (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 29 2008 - 02:15:22 PDT

There are quite a number of music video festivals around the world,
but none in Russia...

So, Tour de Film and Loud Media decided to change such a sad
statistics and organize The 1st International Music Video Festival
MUSEEK which will be held between November 14th and 23rd, 2008 in
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The story began last year when we’ve compiled a music video program
with the same name and showed it to the fellow people of Saint-
Petersburg. They liked it. So did we. Then we started thinking of
making a festival of our own. And here’s the result of our work.

MUSEEK is a first ever music video festival in Russia! A week of
festival screenings in Rodina Cinema and Achtung Baby club will
include the best music videos from Russia and abroad as well as
retrospectives, concerts, highlights from our partners, curated
programs, audiovisual performances and much more.

As for the «music video» - we do not denote it as a promo for a band.
The only thing we want from the films is that the image should greatly
coincide with the music. We’d love to see something creative and

Don’t hesitate to send us your music videos! The deadline for
submitting a film is the November 1st, 2008 [the films must be
received by that time]. There is no entry fee.
Selected films will have a chance to win 500 €.

Ready to compete?

Alexei Dmitriev
Artistic Director / Program Director

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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